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Windows Desktop Pandora Radio Client

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Elpis is no longer developed! Issues are now closed and pull requests are no longer accepted.

The source is GPL licensed, so feel free to fork and make whatever changes you would like.

Sorry, I just don't have time for this project any longer.



Elpis is native Windows client for the Pandora Radio music service, implemented in C# and WPF.

It includes a C# implementation of the Pandora web API, PandoraSharp, which is roughly a port of the API library used in Pithos, a Linux Pandora Client.


  • View, Sort and Select Stations
  • Play, Pause, Skip Song
  • Cover and Artist Art
  • Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Tired of Song
  • Save user credentials and automatic login
  • Automatically play last station at launch
  • System tray notification with song info
  • Minimize/Close to system tray
  • Pause on System Lock
  • Launch info page for song, artist, album and station
  • Purchase songs from Amazon
  • Automatically reconnects on session timeout (no more "Are you still listening...")
  • Creating stations
  • Custom Media Key support (Global and Application level)
  • Automatic update check and download within the client
  • Last.FM Scrobbling
  • HTTP Api allowing a user to control Elpis remotely. Here's a remote control called ElpisRemote
  • Beta testing (testing the newest commit done on Elpis without having to compile anything). For that, just check the option "Check for Beta Updates" on the Settings page.
  • Ability to switch audio output device


Elpis will run anywhere that the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework will run. In other words, Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and some users mentioned that it works on Windows 10. The actual hardware requirements are practically negligible, it actually uses less memory than the HTML5 web version running in a modern browser like Chrome.

Afraid you might not have .NET 4.0 or don’t know what it is? No worries, if you are running the Windows 7 SP1 or above and have Windows Update enabled, you’ve already got it. If not and the installer finds that it’s not installed, it will automatically download and install it for you. It only takes a few minutes.


To download the latest version of Elpis, click here: Elpis Releases

Other Links

  • Pithos (Linux Gnome client)
  • Pianobar (Linux command line client)
  • LPFM - Elpis uses (and contributes to) LPFM, an open source .NET API for Last.FM
  • ElpisRemote - Android Remote Control for Elpis, built with Java on Eclipse.

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