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Dear Nikolay Kim (a.k.a. fafhrd91),

We are users, contributors, and followers of your work in the Rust community. Over the past three years you have worked on Actix, and have had to endure repeated harassment from a small minority for your contributions to Rust and open source. We are extremely disappointed at the level of abuse directed towards you.

Working on open source projects should be rewarding, and your work has empowered thousands of developers across the world to build web services with Rust. It's incredibly tragic for someone who has contributed so much to the community, to be made to feel so unwelcome that they feel that they have no other choice than to leave. This is not the kind of community we want. Everyone should be able to contribute and work on their projects without fear of being harrassed. What happened to you has shown that we still have lot to do to achieve that.

Thank you so much for bringing Actix to the world and your contributions to the Rust community.


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