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Generate PlantUML ER diagram textual description from PostgreSQL tables

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Generate PlantUML ER diagram textual description from PostgreSQL tables

Why created

A team with only software engineers doesn't need ER diagram that much as long as they have decent experience in Relational Database modeling. However, it becomes very helpful to have always-up-to-date ER diagram when marketing/promotion/operation teams consisting of those who are fluent in writing/reading SQL, join to the game.

PlantUML supports ER diagram in the latest version with this awesome pull request. The tool, planter, generates textual description of PlantUML ER diagram from pre-existing PostgreSQL tables, and makes it easy to share visual structure of relations with other teams.


go get -u

Quick Start

$ planter postgres://[email protected]/planter?sslmode=disable -o example.uml
$ java -jar plantuml.jar -verbose example.uml

er diagram

Specify table names

planter postgres://[email protected]/planter?sslmode=disable \ 
    -t order_detail \
    -t sku \
    -t product


$ planter --help
usage: planter [] 

Flags: --help Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man). -s, --schema="public" PostgreSQL schema name -o, --output=OUTPUT output file path -t, --table=TABLE ... target tables -x, --xtable=TABLE ... exclude target tables

Args: PostgreSQL connection string in URL format


install dependencies.

go get -u
gom install

setup database.

create database planter;
create user planter;

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