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A collection of Jupyter notebooks for learning Python from the ground up.

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A collection of resources for learning Python from the ground up.

How to use/run the Notebooks

As suggested by u/ko773 on reddit, you can use Google Colab to view the notebooks online. Here is an in-depth video guide on how to do it:

Demo CountPages alpha

Have a look here to know more about how to run the jupyter notebooks on a local machine.

Python notebooks

Feel free to use the notebooks as a cheat-sheet or to learn more about python.
Feel free to open an issue (or even better, send a Pull Request) for any changes.
Have a look here before contributing, to make your pull request more likely to be merged.


Things to do:
- [x] ~~Basic Python Syntax~~ - [x] ~~Loops and Recursion~~ - [x] ~~Strings, Lists, and Dictionaries~~ - [x] ~~Working with Files and Directories~~ - [x] ~~Working with CSV Files~~ - [x] ~~Regular Expressions~~ - [ ] OOPS in Python - [ ] Numpy cheat sheet - [ ] Pandas cheat sheet


Feel free to add some beginner-friendly projects to the projects directory of the repository.
Here is a checklist to get things started:


Projects to add: - [x] ~~Caesar Cipher~~ - [ ] Joke Telling Program - [ ] Mad Libs Generator - [ ] Dice Rolling Simulator - [ ] Guess the Number - [ ] Hangman

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