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A React component for rendering Markdown with remarkable

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A React component for rendering Markdown with remarkable.

npm install --save react-remarkable


var React = require('react');
var Markdown = require('react-remarkable');

var MyComponent = React.createClass({

render() { return (

{/* Pass Markdown source to the source prop */}

    {/* Or pass it as children */}
    {/* You can nest React components, too */}
      ## Reasons React is great

      1. Server-side rendering
      2. This totally works:


      Pretty neat!



Available props:

  • options
    - Hash of Remarkable options
  • source
    - Markdown source. You can also pass the source as children, which allows you to mix React components and Markdown.
  • container
    - Element to use as container. Defaults to

Syntax Highlighting


You can enable syntax highlighting in Atom using the following steps:

Go to Settings > Packages > language-babel Settings > Enter this for JavaScript Tagged Literal Grammar Extensions:


screen shot 2017-05-28 at 9 04 27 am

Shortly you'll see that markdown syntax highlighting is enabled.

screen shot 2017-05-28 at 9 06 31 am



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