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Specially designed GUI for Yixin (a top gomoku/renju engine)

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Specially designed GUI for Yixin


  • Written by GTK+ which is cross-platform, supporting Windows/Mac/Linux/BSD.

  • Open source code (Simplified BSD License).

  • Although Yixin Board is designed for Yixin, it also supports engines which are compatible with Yixin's protocol such as Tito.

Because Gomocup protocol has some limitations, Yixin-Board uses a new protocol which modifies and extends Gomocup protocol. The new protocol is described in https://github.com/accreator/Yixin-protocol .

For more information, please visit www.aiexp.info and send me e-mail: [email protected]




  • 基于GTK+的设计使得本程序可跨多种平台,支持Windows/Mac/Linux/BSD。

  • 开源(基于Simplified BSD协议)

  • 尽管本程序最初是为弈心设计的,它也支持与弈心协议兼容的引擎,如你可以在无禁规则下使用Tito等引擎。

因为Gomocup协议有部分局限,弈心界面程序采用了一套修改并扩充于Gomocup协议的新协议。新协议的描述可见于 https://github.com/accreator/Yixin-protocol 。

更多信息,请访问 www.aiexp.info 或通过email联系我: [email protected]

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