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An extension for Google Chrome (and Chromium) that inverts the luminance of websites.

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An extension for Google Chrome (and Chromium) that inverts the luminance of websites to make them easier on the eyes.

Warning: because of the way this extension inverts the luminance of rendered pages, it may cause noticeable slowdowns for some users. If this happens, try pasting chrome://flags/ into your URL bar and click 'enable' on the "Override software rendering list" option. Otherwise, you may prefer another extension that uses custom CSS to set the default background and text color of web pages.


Invert the brightness of the web without changing the colors! Useful as a night mode to darken most bright web sites (like Google), or just for making the web soothing black instead of glaring white. Similar to the "High Contrast" extension by Google, but tries not to ruin images by blowing out the contrast or changing the colors. It also offers a low-contrast mode and three strategies for dealing with images, configurable on a per-domain basis!

Invert Everything

In this mode, the luminance is inverted on everything, including all images.

Keep Images Normal

In this mode, the plugin tries to avoid inverting the luminance on all images. Useful for websites that make strange decisions about image types (e.g., using PNGs for photos).

Smart Invert Images

The default--this mode tries to intelligently choose whether images should be inverted or not based on the following criteria:

  • Avoid inverting videos.
  • Since PNGs and GIFs are often used as stylistic elements and logos, they are typically safe to invert without looking strange. These images are detected by their file extensions.
  • Other images (in particular JPEGs) are typically photos that are often unrecognizable when inverted, so avoid inverting these.

Low Contrast

This mode does not invert the luminance of the site. It only lowers the contrast. Useful for sites that are mostly dark but have large, bright sections that are distracting.


This mode does not invert the luminance of the site. It lowers the brightness only.

Additional Options

Low Contrast

Reduce the contrast on any page in addition to any of the above page filters.

Aggressively Invert Text Input

Force certain text inputs to white text on black in an inversion mode.

Kill Backgrounds

Force the main page background to black and remove any background images on the page.


The latest release is always available on the Chrome Web Store. Search for "Deluminate". The master branch always points to the latest Chrome Web Store release code. Check out the dev branch if you want to see the latest unreleased features, but only if you are willing to put up with more bugs.

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