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DEPRECATED: Use dataloader

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DEPRECATED: Please use Dataloader.Ecto from the dataloader package instead.

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Provides some helper functions for easy batching of Ecto assocations

These functions all make use of the batch plugin found in Absinthe, they're merely just some helpful ways to use this plugin in the context of simple ecto associations.

Basic Usage

First specify the repo you're going to use:

use Absinthe.Ecto, repo: MyApp.Repo

Then, supposing you have some ecto associations as in this example schema: ```elixir defmodule MyApp.Post do use Ecto.Schema

schema "posts" do belongsto :author, MyApp.User hasmany :comments, MyApp.Comment field :name, :string field :body, :string end end ```

Your graphql post object might look like:

object :post do
  field :author, :user, resolve: assoc(:author)
  field :comments, list_of(:comment), resolve: assoc(:comments)
  field :name, :string
  field :body, :string

Now, queries which get the author or comments of many posts will result in just 1 call to the database for each!


macro just builds a resolution function which calls

See the

function for how to do this from within a regular resolution function.



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