About Us

Our Story.

We started xs:code with one goal in mind – empowering developers on both sides of the equation.

Both open source developers, and developers who use open-source when developing for companies and R&D teams. We truly believe that creating a sustainable way to develop and use open source, is a mutual interest of developers, and commercial companies alike.

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After spending months listening to the hearts of developers, companies and members of the open source community and realizing their challenges, we have developed what we believe to be a fair, simple, and clear way ensure developers are compensated for their open source work and companies get access to better, frequently maintained code – all while keeping the code open and free for the benefit of the open source community.

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The Team

We are passionate about making open source sustainable, fair, and fun! Want to join our team? Check out the latest our latest job openings.


Netanel Mohoni

Co-Founder & CEO

Chen Ravid

Chen Ravid

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Yair Pines

Yair Pines

CTO & Head of Enterprise Products

Aviram Arviv


Tali Fierer

Tali Fierer

Head of Marketing

Dekel Kan

Head of Community

Bohdan Fishbein​

Bohdan Fishbein


Guy Lilian​

Guy Lilian

Full Stack Developer Lead

Vladimir Dikusar

Vladimir Dikusar

Project Manager

Alex Tereby

Alex Terebey

Back End Developer

Sergey Bezhenyan​

Sergey Bezhenyan

Front End Developer

Anatoliy Palnov​

Anatoliy Palnov

QA Engineer

Tamir Mohani


Alex Semyoshin​

Alex Semyoshin

DevOps Engineer

Alex Shnirman

Tech Lead

Lily Ravid

Lily Ravid

Director of Welfare

Golan Hammer

QA & Junior Developer

The Advisory Board

Lior Kaplan

Open source community Leader, Debian Maintainer

Gili Hoch

Baidu, McKinsey, Bank Hapoalim

Yaron Raz