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This project include several different surfaces, each surface contains one or several defects. For s...

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Researchers of surface defect often suffer from the lack of the corresponding dataset.
Thanks to the data provider's generous support, we can collect these datasets.

You can download some of these datasets which are modified by us, they are in the zip files in this project. Others datasets you can visit the links we provide.

The image datasets are only for academic research, no commercial purposes are allowed. If you use any datasets, please cite the paper of the corresponding provider

There are several different surfaces, each surface contains one or several defects. For image segmentation, object detection, saliency detection, classification, etc.

The image datasets are:

Magnetic tile dataset

Magnetic tile dataset by ourselves. Can be downloaded from which was used in our paper "Surface defect saliency of magnetic tile", the paper can be reach by here or here

Some datasets we have used before #

these three datasets are used in our paper A Compact Convolutional Neural Network for Surface Defect Inspection

Texture dataset

RSDDs dataset

wood defect dataset

Cracks on the surface of the construction.

Cracks on the bridge(left) and crack on the road surface.

Steel surface defects

These Datasets from Kechen Song, Northeastern University (NEU). You can visit their Homepage to download 1800 images.

  • There is something wrong with the original website of this dataset now(2019-03-20). There is a pdf file named "NEUsurfacedefect.pdf" in this repo, and google drive link of this dataset is given in the pdf file.

-examples of this dataset are shown in the figure below:

  • these 6 class NEU surface defect dataset has only the image level label, without pixel level groundtruth.

  • Their "Micro surface defect database" and "Oil pollution defect database" are labeled with pixel level ground truth by us. You can clone this repo and download this file.

Weakly Supervised Learning for Industrial Optical Inspection

You can download these 10 datasets by visit Samples like the figure below:

If you have any difficulty to access these datasets, contact me by [email protected] or [[email protected]]

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