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:lock: The website. Feel free to send pull requests with updates.

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This repository contains the source to the website. Feel free to send pull requests with updates.

The license that the site uses places all content added on or after 2013-07-23 into the public domain. Content added before that date by authors who have added a public domain declaration to their pull requests is also placed into the public domain.

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You can use the built-in PHP webserver to run a development copy of this website.

php -S -t public

Contributors Rights and Obligations

Similar to Wikipedia's contributors' rights and obligations, by submitting content to the repository, you release your work to the public domain, and thus grant viewers permission to use, copy, distribute and/or modify your work under the terms of the Creative Commons Public Domain or any later version published by Creative Commons; with either a waiver of rights, or an assertion that no rights attach to a particular work.

Note that this applies only to the content submitted to the site, not to the code to which you may be adding a link.

In order to contribute, you must be in a position to agree to the terms of this license, which means that either:

  • you hold the copyright to the material, for instance because you produced it yourself and are therefore entitled to waive those interests, or
  • because the material is in the public domain.

In the first case, you release copyright to your materials. You can later republish them in any way you like. However, you can never retract the public domain license for the copies of materials that you place here; these copies will remain under public domain license.

Note: This copyright information is based on the copyright statement from the microformats wiki. Please refer there for further clarification.

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