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A curated list of awesome things relating to the hasura ecosystem.

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Awesome Hasura

Awesome Hasura

A curated list of awesome things related to the hasura ecosystem.



Blazing fast, instant realtime GraphQL APIs on Postgres with fine grained access control, also trigger webhooks on database events.

Tools and Extensions

  • Hasura Backend Plus - Auth + Storage for Hasura.
  • Hasura JWT Auth - Hasura JWT auth using PostgreSQL
  • Hasura Auto Tracker - Configure Hasura to track tables, views and functions using configuration driven process.
  • Hasura Squasher - CLI utility to squash Hasura Migrations
  • Hasura Segment Source - The easiest way to connect Hasura and Segment!
  • hasura-cli - Hasura CLI as an npm package
  • Hasura Connect - A client library to talk to Hasura from Flutter/Dart apps
  • graphql-codegen-hasura - code-generator plugins for hasura/apollo-gql/typescript development
  • HasuraConfigurator - Configure a Hasura server based on Java JPA (Hibernate) annotations
  • React Admin Hasura Adapter - react-admin data provider for Hasura GraphQL (build admin interfaces with very little code)
  • hasura-orm - orm based request generator
  • hasura-om - Fragment based orm request generator with built in auto-table lookup and base fragment builder. Also comes with a query/mutation/subscribe libraries built in
  • hql-tag - A Hasura wrapper on graphql-tag that helps in writing clean & elegant queries
  • hasura-sdk - A node wrapper for Hasura's schema and metadata API's, written in TypeScript.
  • hasura-metadata-patcher - CLI tool to patch Hasura
    file with needed objects or with another Hasura metadata file. You can use it to deploy complex CI/CD flows for applications, which are using Hasura on a backend.
  • Hasura Helm chart - Deploy Hasura on a Kubernetes cluster with Helm.
  • hasura-supertokens - A webhook implementation to connect Hasura with Supertokens for role-based authentication.
  • xsura Migrate data smoothly between two Hasura servers
  • fastify-hasura - A Fastify plugin to have fun with Hasura.

Built with Hasura

  • MLCraft Low-code metrics store and an Open Source alternative to Looker


Templates and Examples

Managed Services

  • nHost - Hasura as a Service!
  • Hasura Cloud - Fully managed, production ready GraphQL API as a service to help you build modern apps faster. Get started in 30 seconds!


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