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OpenWrt-dist LuCI


APP 列表


Depends Description
luci-app-chinadns openwrt-chinadns LuCI Support for ChinaDNS
luci-app-dns-forwarder openwrt-dns-forwarder LuCI Support for Dns-Forwarder
luci-app-redsocks2 openwrt-redsocks2 LuCI Support for RedSocks2
luci-app-shadowvpn openwrt-shadowvpn LuCI Support for ShadowVPN


从 OpenWrt 的 SDK 编译

# 解压下载好的 SDK
tar xjf OpenWrt-SDK-ar71xx-for-linux-x86_64-gcc-4.8-linaro_uClibc-
cd OpenWrt-SDK-ar71xx-*
# Clone 项目
git clone package/openwrt-dist-luci
# 编译 po2lmo (如果有po2lmo可跳过)
pushd package/openwrt-dist-luci/tools/po2lmo
make && sudo make install
# 选择要编译的包 LuCI -> 3. Applications
make menuconfig
# 开始编译
make package/openwrt-dist-luci/compile V=99

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