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Voxel module for Godot Engine

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Voxel Tools for Godot

A C++ module for creating volumetric worlds in Godot Engine.


  • Realtime editable, 3D based terrain (Unlike a heightmap based terrain, this allows for overhangs, tunnels, and user creation/destruction)
  • Physics based collision and raycast support
  • Infinite terrains made by paging sections in and out
  • Voxel data is streamed from a variety of sources, which includes the ability to write your own generators
  • Minecraft-style blocky voxel terrain, with multiple materials and baked ambient occlusion
  • Smooth terrain using Transvoxel
  • Levels of detail for smooth terrain
  • Voxel storage using 8-bit channels for any general purpose

What This Module Doesn't Provide

  • Levels of detail for blocky terrain
  • Game specific features such as cave generation or procedural trees (though it might include tools to help doing them)
  • Editor tools (only a few things are exposed)
  • Import and export of voxel formats

How To Install And Use

Voxel Tools is a custom C++ module for Godot 3.1+. It must be compiled into the engine to work.

Prebuilt binaries

Ready-to-use versions of Godot including the module exist, though they might not be 100% up to date.

  • Tokisan Games (editor and export templates)

  • Master builds (editor only)

    • Windows:
    • Linux:
    • Warning, these can be unstable, as they come from the very latest commits. Click on one of the recent commits and a build artifact should be available.


Compiling the source yourself is the best way to get your own version and export template. Please see the Getting Started Guide for instructions.



These are some ideas that may or may not be implemented in the future:

  • Texturing on smooth terrain
  • Editor preview and authoring
  • Improving LOD performance
  • Other meshing algorithms (e.g. dual contouring)
  • GPU offloading (Maybe when Godot 4+ supports compute shaders)

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