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Draw interactive NetworkX graphs with Altair

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Draw NetworkX graphs with Altair

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nx_altair offers a similar draw API to NetworkX but returns Altair Charts instead.

If you'd like to contribute, join the Gitter chatroom and share your ideas! Also, checkout the to-do list below.


If you'd like to start playing with nx_altair, download this notebook!

Simple graph

import networkx as nx
import nx_altair as nxa

Generate a random graph

G = nx.fast_gnp_random_graph(n=20, p=0.25)

Compute positions for viz.

pos = nx.spring_layout(G)

Draw the graph using Altair

viz = nxa.draw_networkx(G, pos=pos)

Show it as an interactive plot!


Leverage Altair

Customize the visualization

nx_altair also supports many of the same arguments from NetworkX for styling your network--with an Altair twist! Map visualization attributes in a declarative manner.

import numpy as np

Add weights to nodes and edges

for n in G.nodes(): G.nodes[n]['weight'] = np.random.randn()

for e in G.edges(): G.edges[e]['weight'] = np.random.uniform(1, 10)

Draw the graph using Altair

viz = nxa.draw_networkx( G, pos=pos, node_color='weight', cmap='viridis', width='weight', edge_color='black', )

Show it as an interactive plot!



To install from PyPI:

pip install nx_altair

To install for development, clone this repos and install using pip

pip install -e .


We welcome pull requests! If you find a bug, we'd love for you to submit a PR. If you're not sure how to do that, check out this simple guide.

If you have a feature request, please open an issue or submit a PR!

Todo list

A list of things to-do (good ideas for PRs).

  • [ ] Add
    method that mirrors networkx (easy)
  • [ ] Node color scale vmix, vmax (easy)
  • [ ] Edge color scale vmix, vmax (easy)
  • [ ] Node labels (medium)
  • [ ] Edge labels (medium)
  • [ ] Mouse-hover interactivity (medium)
  • [ ] Arrows for edges (hard)
  • [ ] Support for large (>1000 edge) networks (hard)
  • [ ] Force-directed interactivity (very hard---beyond altair's current support).

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