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🔥🔥A pytorch implementation of Dynamic Convolutional Layer in Dynamic Conditional Convolutional Network for Few-Shot Learning🔥🔥

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Dynamic Conditional Networks for Few Shot Learning

  • Pytorch implementation of the algorithm in our ECCV 2018 Paper.

Getting Started

Clone the repo:

git clone


Tested under python3.

  • python packages
    • pytorch>=0.3.1
    • Anaconda3
  • An NVIDAI GPU and CUDA 8.0 or higher. Some operations only have gpu implementation.
  • NOTICE: different versions of Pytorch package have different memory usages.


  • Please consult and consider citing the following paper:

    @inproceedings{zhao2018dynamic, title={Dynamic Conditional Networks for Few-Shot Learning}, author={Zhao, Fang and Zhao, Jian and Yan, Shuicheng and Feng, Jiashi}, booktitle={ECCV}, pages={19--35}, year={2018} }

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