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Checklist for Dark Souls 3 using HTML5 storage to retain progress

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Dark Souls 3 Cheat Sheet

To view the cheat sheet click here.

This checklist was created by adopting the source code from the Dark Souls 2 Cheat Sheet created by Stephen McNabb.

The walkthrough is thanks to DeathGodGarra's NPC Side Quests Guide V2.

Contribution Guide

If you are interested in contributing to this guide, I welcome Pull Requests.

For some background on how the guide code is written, here is a sample item on the checklist:

  • Continue left until you can enter a room with a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier and a Raw Gem
  • The data-id is a unique ID used to store the user's progress. For example, playthrough1320 is the 20th task in zone 13. New data-ids must be used in ascending order, but you can place the new entries anywhere within a zone.

    The class="fgem fmisc" field is used for the filtering system. This task provides the user with a gem and a consumable, so we use f_gem and f_misc. The full list of filter classes is:

    | Class | Description | |--- |--- | | fboss | Boss fights | | fmiss | Content that can be permanently missed | | fnpc | NPC side quests | | festus | Estus Shards | | fbone | Undead Bone Shards | | ftome | Sorcery Scrolls, Pyromancy Tomes, and Divine Tomes | | fcoal | Coals | | fash | Umbral Ashes | | fgest | Gestures | | fsorc | Sorceries | | fpyro | Pyromancies | | fmirac | Miracles | | fring | Rings | | fweap | Weapons, Spell Tools, and Shields | | farm | Armor Sets or individual pieces | | ftit | Titanite | | fgem | Gems | | fcov | Covenants | | f_misc | any other items |

    If none of these filter classes match, use class="f_none".

    In addition to the filter classes, there is a second type of classes used to control the visibility of entries based on which playthrough the user is on:

    | Class | Description | |--- |--- | | hng+ | items hidden on NG+ and beyond, e.g., Ashen Estus Flask | | sng+ | items shown on NG+ and beyond, e.g., +1 rings | | s_ng++ | items shown on NG++ and beyond, e.g., +2 rings |

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