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Current version: 0.9

shadowsocks is a lightweight tunnel proxy which can help you get through firewalls

Other ports and clients can be found here.


First, make sure you have Python 2.6 or 2.7.

$ python --version
Python 2.6.8

Then edit

, change the following values:
server          your server ip or hostname
server_port     server port
local_port      local port
password        a password used to encrypt transfer

Put all the files on your server. Run

on your server. To run it in the background, run
nohup python > log &

Put all the files on your client machine. Run

on your client machine.

Change proxy settings of your browser into



You can use args to override settings from

python -s server_name -p server_port -l local_port -k password
python -p server_port -k password

You may want to install gevent for better performance.

$ apt-get install python-gevent


$ sudo easy_install gevent


  • I can only load some websites
    Check the logs of If you see only IPs, not hostnames, your may got DNS poisoned, but your browser hasn't been configured to let the proxy resolve DNS.
    To set proper DNS config, you can simply install FoxyProxy / Autoproxy for Firefox, or ProxySwitchy / SwitchySharp for Chrome. They will set the config in your browser automatically.
    Or you can change network.proxy.socksremotedns into true in about:config page if you use Firefox.
  • I can't load any websites and the log prints mode != 1
    Make sure proxy protocol is set to Socks5, not Socks4 or HTTP.
  • I use IE and I can't get my proxy to work
    Since you can't specify Socks4 or Socks5 in IE settings, you may want to use a PAC(Proxy auto-config) script, or just use Firefox instead.

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