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More friendly interface for ivy.

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  • More friendly interface for ivy

The package current comes with support for ~ivy-switch-buffer~, ~counsel-M-x~, ~counsel-describe-function~ and ~counsel-describe-variable~, but it should be easy enough to define your own transformers. Screenshots are available [[#h:A3BD2C78-CADB-4D4A-AB42-1D8ECD8AB2AD][here]].

** Installation

~package-install RET ivy-rich RET~

** Basic Usages

+begin_src emacs-lisp

(require 'ivy-rich) (ivy-rich-mode 1)


It is recommended to set also

+begin_src emacs-lisp

(setcdr (assq t ivy-format-functions-alist) #'ivy-format-function-line)


** Customization :PROPERTIES: :CUSTOM_ID: h:6A171A3A-50DF-42F6-B19B-321B160F198E :END:

The transformer format for each ~ivy~ command is defined in ~plist~ ~ivy-rich-display-transformers-list~, which has a default value

+begin_src elisp

'(ivy-switch-buffer (:columns ((ivy-switch-buffer-transformer (:width 30)) ; add face by the original transformer (ivy-rich-switch-buffer-size (:width 7)) ; return buffer size (ivy-rich-switch-buffer-indicators (:width 4 :face error :align right)) ; return buffer indicator (ivy-rich-switch-buffer-major-mode (:width 12 :face warning)) ; return major mode info (ivy-rich-switch-buffer-project (:width 15 :face success)) ; return project name

    (ivy-rich-switch-buffer-path (:width (lambda (x) (ivy-rich-switch-buffer-shorten-path x (ivy-rich-minibuffer-width 0.3))))))  ; return file path relative to project root or
default-directory' if project is nil :predicate (lambda (cand) (get-buffer cand))) counsel-find-file (:columns ((ivy-read-file-transformer) (ivy-rich-counsel-find-file-truename (:face font-lock-doc-face)))) counsel-M-x (:columns ((counsel-M-x-transformer (:width 40)) (ivy-rich-counsel-function-docstring (:face font-lock-doc-face)))) ; return docstring of the command counsel-describe-function (:columns ((counsel-describe-function-transformer (:width 40)) (ivy-rich-counsel-function-docstring (:face font-lock-doc-face)))) ; return docstring of the function counsel-describe-variable (:columns ((counsel-describe-variable-transformer (:width 40)) (ivy-rich-counsel-variable-docstring (:face font-lock-doc-face)))) ; return docstring of the variable counsel-recentf (:columns ((ivy-rich-candidate (:width 0.8)) (ivy-rich-file-last-modified-time (:face font-lock-comment-face)))) ; return last modified time of the file package-install (:columns ((ivy-rich-candidate (:width 30)) (ivy-rich-package-version (:width 16 :face font-lock-comment-face)) ; return package version (ivy-rich-package-archive-summary (:width 7 :face font-lock-builtin-face)) ; return archive summary (ivy-rich-package-install-summary (:face font-lock-doc-face))))) ; return package description


A transformer is just a string processing function with some format properties. Each plist key is a ~ivy~ command and plist value is its transformer format definitions or a pre-defined transformer. Refer to the documentation of ~ivy-rich-display-transformers-list~ for details.

*** Example

**** ~counsel-M-x~

For example, the transformer for ~counsel-M-x~

+begin_src elisp

counsel-M-x (:columns ((counsel-M-x-transformer (:width 40)) (ivy-rich-counsel-function-docstring (:face font-lock-doc-face))))


it defines two columns. The first one is the original built-in transformer with max width of 40 chars and the second one transforms the string candidate into a docstring with face ~font-lock-doc-face~.

**** Add icons for ~ivy-switch-buffer~

The package [[https://github.com/domtronn/all-the-icons.el][all-the-icons.el]] provides functionality to use icon fonts easily in emacs. For example, you can define a transformer

+begin_src elisp

(defun ivy-rich-switch-buffer-icon (candidate) (with-current-buffer (get-buffer candidate) (let ((icon (all-the-icons-icon-for-mode major-mode))) (if (symbolp icon) (all-the-icons-icon-for-mode 'fundamental-mode) icon))))


and add it to the ~ivy-rich-display-transformers-list~

+begin_src elisp

(setq ivy-rich-display-transformers-list '(ivy-switch-buffer (:columns ((ivy-rich-switch-buffer-icon (:width 2)) (ivy-rich-candidate (:width 30)) (ivy-rich-switch-buffer-size (:width 7)) (ivy-rich-switch-buffer-indicators (:width 4 :face error :align right)) (ivy-rich-switch-buffer-major-mode (:width 12 :face warning)) (ivy-rich-switch-buffer-project (:width 15 :face success)) (ivy-rich-switch-buffer-path (:width (lambda (x) (ivy-rich-switch-buffer-shorten-path x (ivy-rich-minibuffer-width 0.3)))))) :predicate (lambda (cand) (get-buffer cand)))))


You will get


** Notes

  1. If you modify ~ivy-rich-display-transformers-list~, you may need to disable and re-enable ~ivy-rich-mode~ again to make the changes take effect.

  2. If you define transformers for commands comes from neither ~ivy~ nor ~counsel~, e.g. ~counsel-projectile-*~, it currently may not take effect since if you enable ~ivy-rich-mode~ before loading ~counsel-projectile~, the transformer setting is overwritten by loading the package. I am considering to add a ~:package~ keyword in the transformer definition to deal with this.

  3. Disabling the minor mode ~ivy-rich-mode~ will restore the transformers to what they were before, but not necessarily to the 'built-in default' one. For example, the default transformer for ~ivy-switch-buffer~ is ~ivy-switch-buffer-transformer~ from the ~ivy~ package. But if you set the transformer to ~some-function~ before enabling ~ivy-rich-mode~, disabling the minor mode will restore it to ~some-function~ other than ~ivy-switch-buffer-transformer~.

  • Screenshots and details :PROPERTIES: :CUSTOM_ID: h:A3BD2C78-CADB-4D4A-AB42-1D8ECD8AB2AD :END:

** ~ivy-switch-buffer~


To abbreviate paths using ~abbreviate-file-name~ (e.g. replace "/home/username" with "~")

+begin_src emacs-lisp

(setq ivy-rich-path-style 'abbrev)


Note that this may not affect remote files. To always show absolute path, set it to ='full= or ='absolute=. Any other value will show the file path relative to the project root or =default-Directory=.

There are two variables ~ivy-rich-parse-remote-buffer~ and ~ivy-rich-parse-remote-file-path~ controls how remote buffers are processed, please refer to the docstring of them for more details if you have trouble using this function under ~tramp~.

** ~counsel-M-x~


** ~counsel-describe-variable~


** ~counsel-recentf~


** ~counsel-bookmark~


** ~package-install~


  • Important Changes

Since the version 0.1.0 of ~ivy-rich~, the transformer format can be customized. Variables from older version like ~ivy-rich-switch-buffer-mode-max-length~ or ~ivy-rich-switch-buffer-project-max-length~ has been deprecated since they are now packed into ~ivy-rich-display-transformers-list~ as stated in the [[#h:6A171A3A-50DF-42F6-B19B-321B160F198E][customization section]].

Supports for virtual buffers and shorten file paths in ~ivy-switch-buffer~ are temporarily Removed.

  • FAQ

  • Can I search buffers by ~major-mode~, ~project~ in ~ivy-switch-buffer~?

No, as far as I know, you can not right now. ~ivy-rich~ provides just transformers to display the original ~ivy~ candidates in a different way. It does not modify the original candidates. At least for now I have no idea how to add feature to search in the transformer columns. It probably requires some change in ~ivy~.

So you can not search the description of ~counsel-describe-function~ neither.

  • Related Packages

  • [[https://github.com/casouri/ivy-filthy-rich][ivy-filthy-rich.el]] by @casouri

  • [[https://github.com/asok/all-the-icons-ivy][all-the-icons-ivy]] by @asok

  • [[https://github.com/seagle0128/all-the-icons-ivy-rich][all-the-icons-ivy-rich]] by @seagle0128

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