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A .NET Wrapper for WooCommerce/WordPress REST API

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A Brief Intro

WooCommerce.NET is a .NET library for calling WooCommerce/WordPress REST API with OAuth/JWT in .NET applications.


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Usage (WooCommerce REST API)

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using WooCommerceNET.WooCommerce.v3;
using WooCommerceNET.WooCommerce.v3.Extension;

RestAPI rest = new RestAPI("", "<woocommerce key>", "<woocommerce secret wcobject wc="new" all products var wc.product.getall new product p="new" name="test product 8" title="test product 8" description="test product 8" price="8.0M" await wc.product.add with values wc.product.update null wc.product.updatewithnull weight="" date_on_sale_from="" date_on_sale_to="" wc.product.delete parameters dictionary string>() {
                { "include", "10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15" },
                { "per_page", "15" } });

//Batch add/update/delete
CustomerBatch cb = new CustomerBatch();

List<customer> create = new List<customer>();
create.Add(new Customer()
    first_name = "first",
    last_name = "last",
    email = "[email protected]",
    username = "firstnlast",
    password = "12345"

List<customer> update = new List<customer>();
update.Add(new Customer()
    id = 4,
    last_name = "xu2"

List<int> delete = new List<int>() { 8 };
cb.create = create;
cb.update = update;
cb.delete = delete;

var c = await wc.Customer.UpdateRange(cb);

Usage (WordPress REST API - JWT/OAuth Authentication)

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//using JWT
RestAPI rest = new RestAPI("", "<username>", "<password>");

//using OAuth
RestAPI rest = new RestAPI("", "<client_key>", "<client_secret>");
rest.oauth_token = "<oauth_token>";
rest.oauth_token_secret = "<oauth_token_secret>";

WPObject wp = new WPObject(rest);

//Get all posts
var posts = await wp.Post.GetAll();

//Add a post
var p = new Posts()
    title = "abc",
    content = "<h1>abc</h1>"

await wp.Post.Add(p);

//Update post with new values
await wp.Post.Update(123, new { title = "new post" });

//Delete a post
await wp.Post.Delete(123);

//Upload an image
await wp.Media.Add("imagename.jpg", @"C:\path\to\image\file.jpg");

//Create a new user
await wp.Users.Add(new Users()
    first_name = "test",
    last_name = "test",
    name = "test",
    username = "test123",
    email = "[email protected]",
    password = "[email protected]"

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