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Collection of shaders and visual effects created for Unity 3D.

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Unity Visualizations

Collection of shaders and visual effects created for Unity 3D. Most of these have been developed as a part of my World of Zero YouTube channel.


Bezier Curves 1 2

Extend Unity's Line Renderer to enable drawing Bezier Curves with an unlimited number of points

Block Terrain

Work in progress building a block based terrain system (similar in style to what Minecraft does).

Contour Map

A quick and easy way to draw cartographic maps with contour lines using a Heightmap.

Fake Volumetric Lighting

Simple volumetric spotlights that use vertex colors to simulate a volumetric cone of light.

Game of Life

An implementation of Conway's Game of Life using Unity 3D Compute Shaders

Night Vision Camera Effect

An image effect inspired by the Outlast video game series which uses a combination of the depth map and the scenes albedo to illuminate the world.

Particle Shaders

A collection of shaders designed for particle systems.

Pixelating Image Effect

An introductory image effect designed to reduce the number of horizontal and vertical pixels to a fixed amount.

Reality - Trace Effect

Developed for Reality as part of the Asylum Jam 2015. Creates a "trace" from a given object that reveals the vertex color of the object under it.

Red - TV Grain

Developed for the Asylum Jam 2016. This was used to render the TV's blur in Red. Adds random noise "grain" to a texture.

Revealing Flashlight

Shader which is revealed by a spotlight and invisible in all other cases.

Shield Shader

An energy shield shader that reacts to impacts against it.

Squishy Sphere

Sphere shader that causes them to collapse as they collide with a plane.

Tranquility - Morph3D Realtime Aging

Perhaps not the most efficient way to solve this problem, but an easy way to do it. Allows animating various Morph3D trait "groups" in order to simulate aging. Developed originally for Tranquility in the Music Video Jam of 2016.

Unity Terrain - Grass

Unity terrain is a collection designed around building immersive (and awesome) environments. Still very much a work in progress!

Other Effects

Twinkle - Gradient Shift Image Effect

Twinkle was a game developed for the Audio Game Jam of 2016. This gradient shift was the only visual effect in the entire game and was designed to visualize the position and intensity of sounds. The entire project is open sourced including a full web server for synchronizing worlds between players.

Other Handy Projects

Some other visual effects that other's have made.

Helpful Scripts by Chris Wade

The developer of Sausage Sports Club. This repository includes things like advaned decals, fog and other neat effects.

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