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Mod editor/creator for RED Engine games. The point is to have an all in one tool for creating mods for the games made with the engine.

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REDEngine Community Toolkit

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This repository was created to demonstrate how CDPR's proprietary REDEngine reads and writes file formats. And to experiment with the working of games running on this engine i.e. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077. This toolkit is being made solely for research and educational purposes, and the dev team is in no way responsible for any malfunctions that occur from its use. Its completely open source, licensed under GPL v3.0, and in no way is it made to generate revenue. An ancestor to this tool was W3Edit, initially developed by Sarcen in 2015, around the time The Witcher 3 first came out. After Sarcen stopped working on it, a few of us picked it up and continued from there.

Currently, WolvenKit allows reading and writing nearly every REDEngine file format to some extent. It can also be used to create file modifications to the assets of the game, though this is currently beign actively worked upon, so do make sure to check it regularly. Our primary focus at the moment is progressing with support for the new game, Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Use

WolvenKit can either be built from source or acquired pre-built via the installer.


Install WolvenKit

  1. Download WolvenKit

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  1. Launch the installer.
    1. Double click on the .exe to start the installation procedure and the program will take care of the rest.

Build WolvenKit

  1. Install .NET 5

  2. Install the latest Visual Studio release.

  3. Required files

    1. All the required files are either NuGet packages, which will automatically be downloaded on pressing Build, or readily included in the package in the Libs directory.
    2. If, for some reason, the LFS quota is depleted, the renderer prerequisite libs can be acquired here:
  4. Build and Run

    1. Build WolvenKit.sln on Debug or Release doesn't matter.
    2. Run WolvenKit.exe (in WolvenKit\bin\<debug>\net5.0-windows\win-x64\).


Please do! Fork the project and please commit your changes in small incremental steps with descriptive messages. Code quality is not the biggest concern but refrain from stupid mistakes that may lead to the denial of the pull request. It's a good idea to create an issue when implementing a feature so people don't work on the same feature/issue in an asynchronous manner.

For any questions

The WolvenKit Team

Core Development Team

Developer Role Email
Traderain Project Management / Core Development Email
Rfuzzo Core Development Email
Nightmarea MVVM Development Email
Offline UI Development Email


Traderain rfuzzo kote2ster Murzinio Offline-R503B Maxzor vonLeebpl TheBloke jato michaelpolakatwork DerinHalil HitmanHimself Lim3zer0 phrisk ali-alidoust Anras573 carlosproiete Jicksaw TheFusion21 mattstates robymontyz Strahlemann83 sw3dg1n dingdio dnandha hrkrx philippTheCat
Traderain rfuzzo kote2ster Murzinio Offline-R503B Maxzor vonLeebpl TheBloke ja-to michaelpolakatwork DerinHalil HitmanHimself Lim3zer0 phrisk ali-alidoust Anras573 carlosproiete Jicksaw TheFusion21 mattstates robymontyz Strahlemann83 sw3dg1n dingdio dnandha hrkrx philippTheCat




WolvenKit is a direct result of the hard work and continuous support, financial and otherwise, of the many researchers, programmers, artists, contributors, and companies that have helped with this project. Without their outstanding work and generous support, we never would have been able to create WolvenKit for Cyberpunk 2077. A very special thank you goes out to...

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--- People

  • Traderain ( Core Development , Project Manager )
  • robertfuzzo ( Core Development , Co-Manager )
  • michaelpolak ( Vulkan Rendering Backend )
  • r503b ( UI Design , Trello/Team Management )
  • Sebi | hrkrx ( MVVM Development )
  • Nightmarea ( MVVM Development , Core Development )
  • Seberoth (Core Development)
  • HitmanHimself (Development)
  • ZATheDeadMan (Research + Installer)
  • Forsentio (Research)
  • BFG9000 (Research)
  • WSSDude420 (Development)
  • TheFusion21 (Research + Development)
  • m0xf (Research)
  • Joschka (Research)
  • Turk645 (Research)

  • perzeuscs ( Web Design )

  • moonded ( Web Design )

  • soulweaver1 ( Web Design )

  • Paco ( Web Design )

- prawny ( Web Design )

  • HomeSick ( Logo, Banner Design )
  • shorono ( Icon Design )
  • redgalacticbear ( Icon Design )
  • PNDR ( Icon Design )
  • Rosza (Icon Design)

--- Companies/Software


Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.. This project is solely made for research and in no way made to generate any revenue.

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