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BlossomsPokemonGoManager is a tool for easy managing of your Pokémon Go game. Visit us at our Discord server to talk:

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BlossomsPokemonGoManager is a tool created for managing your game. It allows you to sort your Pokémon by several values, to rename, transfer, evolve or to power-up one or several of them.
It was made for easier management of Pokémon, deciding which to keep, and which to throw away.


Tool overview | Login | Omnisearch Bar (GIF) | Batch Operations (GIF) | Sorting (GIF)

Current Features

  • Both Google and PTC authenticated logins
  • Localized pokémon names
  • Exact IV (Individual values) displayed
  • Powerful Omnisearch bar, allowing you to search by nickname, species, family, types, moveset, and pokeball used to capture
  • Batch operation tools, allowing you to quickly rename, transfer, evolve, and power-up your pokemon.
  • Tons of sort options, allowing you to sort your pokemon quickly by nickname, pokedex number, species, IV%, types, moves (with DPS), CP, Max CP, HP, total candies, candies to evolve, stardust to powerup, caught date, and what the pokemon was caught with.

A lot more features are planned! Check Issue page for enhancements for an overview.
You can even submit your own suggestions.

Installation / Usage

Latest Stable Release

  1. You need at least Java 8 installed to run this tool. Verify your Java version here or download the latest Java JRE release and install it.
  2. Download the latest stable version of this tool from releases.
  3. Double-Click the extracted
    file and run it.
  4. Log in with your credentials. PTC account directly, for Google follow the instructions and copy the session token.
  5. Enjoy the tool!

If the tool is not working under Linux/Ubuntu, try the following steps:

  1. Give execution right to the shell script:
    chmod +x
  2. Use Oracle JDK instead of Open JDK. (See issue #306 for more details)

Using the Dev Version

WARNING! This version might be unstable, so use at your own risk.

  1. Java SDK for Java 8 has to be installed.
  2. Clone the repository on the develop branch locally or download the ZIP of this branch.
  3. Build the project with either maven compiler, or your IDE of choice (Eclipse, IntelliJ) . To use it in an IDE, you have to import the project as a Maven project.
  4. Run it as an Application, with
    as entry file.

(more detailed instruction will follow)

Working on this project


We are open for any help on our tool.
If you are fond of programming, you can always take one of the open issues, post that you want to help and create a Pull Request. For other features PRs are welcome too, but make sure the feature is really needed and/or not done in another way so that the work isn't wasted.

IMPORTANT! Please submit Pull Requests only against

! PRs against master will be rejected.

Thanks for your help.

Submitting Issues

That's the best way how you can help us.
If you found a bug, submit an issue. If you have a suggestion, submit an issue. Just make sure, BEFORE SUBMITTING, that the issue wasn't already mentioned. Search on the issue tracker helps there. Just one thing: Please try to not group too many bugs/suggestions in one issue It's better to have ten more issues where it's clear what there is inside than to have one big blob. So don't hesitate to create more than one issue.

If you have Bugs, please be as detailed as possible.
Write down the steps that led to the error. Describe what happened, and what you would've expected. If there is an Error written somehwere, post the full code in your issue. If you want, include a screenshot. And if it's a bug with the development version, specifiy that right at the beginning of your issue.


While we are fairly positive that this tool will not get your account into any trouble, please use at your own risk. There are no direct statements from Niantic what third-party tools are allowed and what not, but it might go against their ToS.


We use discord to organize our development and answer questions. We also post important announcements there.
Our discord can be found here


General Questions

Q: Can I get banned for using this tool?

  • A: Yes. No. Maybe. It's possible, but no one can really answer that exactly right now. Read the Disclaimer a few lines above this FAQ.

Q: Can you add catching of Pokémon and using PokéStops?

  • A: No. We'll include lucky egg support for evolving, but that's it. We are not just another botting tool. We want to keep the use of our tool as fair as possible and just make managing Pokémon easier.

Q: Can you include feature XY?

  • A: Maybe, yes! Submit an issue explaing your suggestion as detailed as possible. We will look over it and see if we will include it and when (:

Q: What's those
bat and sh files for?

  • A: Uh, glad that you asked. Yeah, you can run the tool simply by executing the jar itself, but you should use the bat file for Windows systems and sh for Mac and Unix/Linux. The scripts set file encoding, so that special characters are displayed correctly in the tool.


Q: The app doesn't start. It tells me
Could not find or load main class ...

Q: After login no window shows up, or the window is empty. No error is displayed.

  • A: It's a small bug with the current config. Go to your folder where the
    file is and delete the

Q: When I try to login it shows an error with
and that I should try again. What should I do?

  • A: At first, try again. No joke. Clicking OK and logging in again works most of the time. That's why I made the retry possible. If it does not work after several tries, there could be another issues. In nearly all of the cases the issue is caused by a VPN, Proxy or Firewall you use. Try deactivating them.

Q: On startup it shows
and in the stacktrace there is something about writing files or such. What's happening?

  • A: The tool needs rights to write in the folder where it is in. That means it does not work under
    C:\Program Files
    or such. Put the tool in a place where you surely have rights to write. For example the Desktop.

Q: Java 8 is not available for my linux system. What do I do?

Q: Google OAuth Token does not work. How do I use the App password thing?

Questions about functions

Q: Is the IV calculated somehow? Is it the correct value or maybe wrong? My IV calculator says something different.

  • A: The IV isn't calculated, it is directly taken from the API response. It's the exact value like the game has it.

Q: What is this alternative IV calculation mode? What does it do?

  • A: Usual IV rating weighs every three values the same, so 1/3. The alterative mode takes in mind that attack is more important when calculating things like CP of the Pokémon. For a detailed information and a real-life example see the issue about it: #165

Q: Those Gym Offense, Gym Defense and Duel Ability columns. I don't understand them. What's that?

  • A: Oh man. Those are complicated calculations, but really helpful. Gym Offense means how good your Pokémon is to attack, Gym Defense how good it can defend one. Duel Ability just means plain attack power. Now the important thing is that those columns with the "Rating" suffix compare your current moveset and stats to the best possible version of that Species you can achieve. Like how good is your Vaporeon compared to a 100% one with Hydro Pump. The other three columns compare to the best possible that exists. Which one that is, that's printed in the console when you start the tool. For more information behind the calculations You can look here or google how Professor_Kukui's formulas are.

Q: I heard I can use the Paid Hash Key service with your tool so that I have the latest cracked API. How?

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