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speech enhancement\speech seperation\sound source localization

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a list of speech frontend, such as speech enhancement\speech seperation\sound source localization

speech seperation

  • Tasnet: time-domain audio separation network for real-time, single-channel speech separation [Code]
  • Conv-TasNet: Surpassing Ideal Time-Frequency Masking for Speech Separation [Code]
  • Dual-path RNN: efficient long sequence modeling for time-domain single-channel speech separation [Code1] [Code2]
  • DANet:Deep Attractor Network (DANet) for single-channel speech separation [Code]
  • TAC end-to-end microphone permutation and number invariant multi-channel speech separation [Code]
  • uPIT-for-speech-separation:Speech separation with utterance-level PIT [Code]
  • LSTMPITSpeechSeparation [[Code]](
  • Deep-Clustering [Code] [Code] [Code]

  • asteroid:The PyTorch-based audio source separation toolkit for researchers[PDF][Code]

  • sound separation(Google) [Code]

  • sound separation: Deep learning based speech source separation using Pytorch [Code]

  • ONSSEN: An Open-source Speech Separation and Enhancement Library [Code]

  • music-source-separation [Code]

  • Singing-Voice-Separation [Code]

  • Comparison-of-Blind-Source-Separation-techniques[Code]

  • FastICA[Code]

  • A localisation- and precedence-based binaural separation algorithm[Download]

  • Convolutive Transfer Function Invariant SDR [Code]

speech enhancement

  • Collection of papers, datasets and tools on the topic of Speech Dereverberation and Speech Enhancement [Link]
  • IRM-based-Speech-Enhancement-using-LSTM [Code]
  • nn-irm [Code]
  • Speech Enhancement Using a Two-Stage Network for an Efficient Boosting Strategy [Code][PDF]
  • SETK: Speech Enhancement Tools integrated with Kaldi [Code]
  • sednn:deeplearningforspeechenhancementkeraspython [Code]
  • SpeechEnhancementDNNNMF [[Code]](
  • Deep-Learning-for-Speech-Enhancement [Code]
  • gcc-nmf:Real-time GCC-NMF Blind Speech Separation and Enhancement [Code]
  • TensorFlow-speech-enhancement-Chinese [Code]
  • DNN-Speech-enhancement-demo-tool [Code]
  • CNN-for-single-channel-speech-enhancement [Code]
  • rnn-speech-denoising [Code]
  • DNN-SpeechEnhancement [Code]
  • seganpytorch [[Code]](
  • PHASEN[Code]
  • TCNSE [Code]
  • pbchime5:Speech enhancement system for the CHiME-5 dinner party scenario [[Code]](
  • A-Convolutional-Recurrent-Neural-Network-for-Real-Time-Speech-Enhancement [Code] [PDF]
  • speech enhancement toolkit[Code]


  • dereverberation Single-Channel Dereverberation in Matlab [Code]
  • speechdereverbarationusinglpresidual Single Channel Speech Dereverbaration using LP Residual [Code]
  • dereverberate [Code]
  • dereverberation-and-denoising:Supervised Speech Dereverberation in Noisy Environments using Exemplar-based Sparse Representations [Code]
  • DNNWPE [[Code]](
  • narawpe:Different implementations of "Weighted Prediction Error" for speech dereverberation [[Code]](
  • Dereverberation-toolkit-for-REVERB-challenge [Code]

array signal processing

  • MASP:Microphone Array Speech Processing [Code]
  • BeamformingSpeechEnhancer [Code]
  • DNNLocalizationAndSeparation [[Code]](
  • nn-gev:Neural network supported GEV beamformerCHiME3 [Code]
  • chime4-nn-mask:Implementation of NN based mask estimator in pytorch(reuse some programming from nn-gev)[Code]
  • beamformitmatlab:A MATLAB implementation of CHiME4 baseline Beamformit [[Code]](
  • pbchime5:Speech enhancement system for the CHiME-5 dinner party scenario [[Code]](
  • beamformit:麦克风阵列算法 [Code]

* Beamforming-for-speech-enhancement [Code]

  • binauralLocalization [Code]
  • robotauditionexamples:Some Robot Audition simplified examples (sound source localization and separation), coded in Octave/Matlab [[Code]](
  • WSCM-MUSIC [Code]
  • doa-tools [Code]
  • Regression and Classification for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation with Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks [Code] [PDF]
  • messl:Model-based EM Source Separation and Localization [Code]
  • messlJsalt15:MESSL wrappers etc for JSALT 2015, including CHiME3 [Code]
  • fastsoundsourcelocalizationusingTLSSC:Fast Sound Source Localization Using Two-Level Search Space Clustering [[Code]](
  • Binaural-Auditory-Localization-System [Code]
  • BinauralLocalization:ITD-based localization of sound sources in complex acoustic environments [[Code]](
  • DualChannelBeamformerandPostfilter [Code]
  • 麦克风声源定位 [Code]
  • RTF-based-LCMV-GSC [Code]
  • DOA [Code]

Sound Event Detection

  • sedeval - Evaluation toolbox for Sound Event Detection [[Code]](
  • Benchmark for sound event localization task of DCASE 2019 challenge [Code]
  • sed-crnn DCASE 2017 real-life sound event detection winning method. [Code]
  • seld-net [Code]


  • AKtools:the open software toolbox for signal acquisition, processing, and inspection in acoustics [SVN Code](username: aktools; password: ak)
  • separationdatapreparation[Code]
  • MatlabToolbox [Code]
  • athena-signal [[Code]](
  • pythonspeechfeatures [Code]
  • speechFeatures:语音处理,声源定位中的一些基本特征 [Code]
  • sap-voicebox [Code]
  • Calculate-SNR-SDR [Code]
  • RIR-Generator [Code]
  • Python library for Room Impulse Response (RIR) simulation with GPU acceleration [Code]
  • ROOMSIM:binaural image source simulation [Code]
  • binaural-image-source-model [Code]
  • PESQ [Code]


  • CCF语音对话与听觉专业组语音对话与听觉前沿研讨会[Link]


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