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Gulp task for converting all data found within a stylesheet (those within a url( ... ) declaration) ...

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Gulp task for converting all files found within a stylesheet (those within a url( ... ) declaration) into base64-encoded data URI strings.


Install with npm

npm install gulp-base64 --save-dev

Example usage

var gulp = require('gulp');
var base64 = require('./build/gulp-base64');

//basic example gulp.task('build', function () { return gulp.src('./css/.css') .pipe(base64()) .pipe(concat('main.css')) .pipe(gulp.dest('./public/css')); }); ... //example with options gulp.task('build', function () { return gulp.src('./css/.css') .pipe(base64({ baseDir: 'public', extensions: ['svg', 'png', /.jpg#datauri$/i], exclude: [/.server.(com|net)/dynamic//, '--live.jpg'], maxImageSize: 8*1024, // bytes, deleteAfterEncoding: false, debug: true })) .pipe(concat('main.css')) .pipe(gulp.dest('./public/css')); });


  • baseDir
    If you have absolute image paths in your stylesheet, the path specified in this option will be used as the base directory (relative to gulpfile).
  • deleteAfterEncoding
    Set this to true to delete images after they've been encoded. You'll want to do this in a staging area, and not in your source directories. Be careful.
  • extensions
    (Array of
    Proccess only specified extensions.
    Strings are matched against file-extension only, while RegExps are tested against the raw URL value.
  • exclude
    (Array of
    Skip files with URLs that match these patterns.
    Unlike with the
    option Strings are sub-string matched against the whole URL value.
  • maxImageSize
    Maximum filesize in bytes for changing image to base64.
  • debug
    Enable log to console.

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