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WebbyLab's production ready Starter App for NodeJS projects

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WebbyLab's Starter App for Node.JS projects


  1. Based on ideas of Clean Architecture and DDD
  2. Battle tested
  3. Well defined abstractions (controllers, use case layer, domain model etc).
  4. Works for small and large projects
  5. Follows 12 factor app approach
  6. EcmaScript Modules and latest JS features without transpiling
  7. ES6 classes for Sequalize out of the box
  8. Supports both REST API and JSON RPC (WS)
  9. Continuation Local Storage enabled by default for transactions and logs tracking
  10. Follows security best practices
  11. Docker support
  12. Covered with tests (db dependent tests, code coverage etc)
  13. Built on top of express.js
  14. User management out of the box (in progress)
  15. S3 support out of the box even for local development
  16. SMTP support (with development and testing mocks)
  17. Works in Linux, Mac, Windows
  18. Automatically generate CRUD from Sequelize Model (Read more here)
  19. Paranoid eslint rules to cover all edge cases that we can with static analysis.


  1. Authtentication with different strategies (FB etc)
  2. CQRS for reports out of the box
  3. Add more secutiry features to eslint static analysis
  4. Add GraphQL support
  5. Split chistajs into seprate modules for RESTAPI/GraphQL/JSONRPC support


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  • NodeJS v14+
  • Docker v18+
  • Docker Compose v1.23+


  1. docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose.yml up
  2. npm install
  3. npm run migration:db
  4. npm run migration:test
  5. npm test
  6. npm run nodemon


  1. make sure docker and docker-compose are installed
  2. create .env file in project root directory (it could be empty)
  3. run
    docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose.yml -f docker/ up


  • nodemon
    - runs app with nodemon
  • docker:dev:up
    - starts app and infrastructure using docker-compose
  • docker:dev:down
    - stops docker-compose from "docker:dev:up"
  • docker:up
    - starts infrastructure (db, smtp-server, imageproxy, adminer, s3-server) using docker-compose
  • docker:down
    - stops docker-compose from "docker:up"
  • start
    - runs app with node (NODE_ENV=production)
  • test:lint
    - runs eslint for: lib/, tests/, app.mjs
  • test:ava
    - runs tests with ava
  • test:coverage
    - runs coverage test with c8
  • test:audit
    - runs npm audit
  • test
    - runs all tests: lint, audit, ava, coverage
  • create:admin
    - creates new admin: npm run create:admin -- [email protected] --password=password
  • migration:db
    - runs sequelize migration with
    --env db
  • migration:test
    - runs sequelize migration with
    --env test-db
  • generate
    - generates folders/files from Sequelize Model

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