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WASI libc implementation for WebAssembly

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WASI Libc is a libc for WebAssembly programs built on top of WASI system calls. It provides a wide array of POSIX-compatible C APIs, including support for standard I/O, file I/O, filesystem manipulation, memory management, time, string, environment variables, program startup, and many other APIs.

WASI Libc is sufficiently stable and usable for many purposes, as most of the POSIX-compatible APIs are stable, though it is continuing to evolve to better align with wasm and WASI.


The easiest way to get started with this is to use wasi-sdk, which includes a build of WASI Libc in its sysroot.

Building from source

To build a WASI sysroot from source, obtain a WebAssembly-supporting C compiler (currently this is only clang 8+, though we'd like to support other compilers as well), and then run:

make WASM_CC=/path/to/clang/with/wasm/support \
     WASM_AR=/path/to/llvm-ar \

This makes a directory called "sysroot", by default. See the top of the Makefile for customization options.

To use the sysroot, use the

/path/to/wasm/supporting/c/compiler --sysroot=/path/to/the/newly/built/sysroot ...

to run the compiler using the newly built sysroot.

Note that Clang packages typically don't include cross-compiled builds of compiler-rt, libcxx, or libcxxabi, for

, libc++.a, or libc++abi.a, respectively, so they may not be usable without extra setup. This is one of the things wasi-sdk simplifies, as it includes cross-compiled builds of compiler-rt, libc++.a, and libc++abi.a.

Arch Linux AUR package

For Arch Linux users, there's an unofficial AUR package tracking this git repo that can be installed under the name wasi-libc-git.

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