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A SIMBL Plugin to provide Vim Key Binding for MacOSX editors.

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About xVim

xVim for xCode do not need SIMBL any more

  • xVim is a plugin to provide vim key-binding for Mac Apps. (See all currently supported appliction here)

  • Make sure you are checking xVim's github and stay updated.

  • You may use xVim under the terms of the MIT license.

  • Consider this is a temporary plugin for you before another XVim project reaches a stable stage.

How to use it (for XCode only)

  1. Download or fork xVim (Only use the master branch)

  2. Build xVim with xVim Scheme. Confirm there's a xVim.xcplugin in the location : ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins

  3. Relaunch Xcode, if you saw a block caret in Xcode. It means the plugin is working.

  4. If you've been using the SIMBL version, make sure the xVim plugin in ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins is deleted !!! You can also remove SIMBL if you don't need it anymore.

How to use it (for other apps)

  1. Make sure you really want vim binding in other apps (since there're Chocolat, Vico, SubmlineText2, which already have vim inside them).

  2. Install SIMBL.

  3. Download or fork xVim (Only use the master branch)

  4. Build xVim with xVim-SIMBL Scheme. Confirm there's a xVim.xcplugin in the location : ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/

  5. Check out the wiki to see how to make it work in other app.

  6. Relaunch the app, if you saw a block caret in your text editor. It probably means xVim is working fine.

What I'm not going to implement

  1. Marker
  2. Marco
  3. Register (So you can't yank different text to different register)
  4. Folding (and basically any other thing that's not relevant to key-binding)

What works so far

  1. Insert Mode
  2. Replace Mode
  3. Visual Mode [since v0.2]
  4. Normal Mode (Check out the supported mode command here)
  5. Simplified Key-map (Read the wiki)
  6. Big thanks to fileability, 3 Ex commands and search with
    works !!!


  1. This plugin won't work with MS line ending(CR/LF).

  2. yYdDcCxX will copy the content to internal kill buffer. And pP will only paste something, if that buffer is not empty. If you want to use the clipboard, use Ctrl+C (Copy), Ctrl+X (Cut), Ctrl+V (Paste)


  • Handle replace mode properly.

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