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LaTeX source files for VividCortex's ebooks

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LaTeX source files for VividCortex's ebooks.

This isn't intended to be a distribution mechanism for the ebooks—the final versions will be hosted on VividCortex's website. But it's a good place to collaborate on making them, getting external reviews, etc.

The directory organization convention is that each ebook will have a

file in the top level, and a directory containing figures, reference material, etc.

You'll need the Roboto font and xelatex to build the PDFs, due to the custom fonts. You can't use the latex or pdflatex commands.

A quickstart for Mac users for installing LaTeX:

  • Install BasicTex
  • Install Tex Live Utility from GitHub
  • Open a terminal and clone this repository, then
    into it and type
    xelatex scalability.tex
    or any other ebook name. At first you'll get an error; see below to fix.
  • Install packages using Tex Live Utility, as needed, to fix errors
    • If you get an error like
      ! LaTeX Error: File 'footmisc.sty' not found
      then abort the command with
      , and install footmisc with Tex Live Utility.
    • You'll need to do this a handful of times, canceling and re-running each time.
    • The titletoc package is part of titlesec.
  • When you are victorious, you'll see a lot of messages in the terminal, followed by
    Output written on scalability.pdf
    or similar.

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