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Binary Ninja Plugins

| PluginName | Author | Last Updated | License | Type | Description | |------------|--------|--------------|---------|----------|-------------| |devi|@_murks|2019-10-01|MIT|helper, ui|devi - DEvirtualize VIrtual calls in C++ binaries| |Golang Symbol Restore|Daniel Weber|2020-08-20|MIT|helper|Binary Ninja plugin for restoring function names from stripped Golang binaries| |BNHook|Grant Orndorff|2020-06-07|MIT|core, ui|Insert custom hooks| |Nampa|Paolo Montesel (|2020-05-27|LGPL v3|binaryview, core|FLIRT for (binary) ninjas| |YARA Scan|trib0r3|2020-05-26|MIT|binaryview, core|YARA signatures| |Dependency analyzer|Shiz|2020-05-24|MIT|helper|Analyze dependencies and resolve obfuscated imports| |VulnFanatic|Martin Petran|2020-10-05|Apache-2.0|helper|Assistant plugin for vulnerability research.| |HLIL Dump|atxsinn3r|2020-06-07|BSD-3-Clause|helper|Dumps HLIL code to a directory| |GEF-Binja|hugsy|2020-05-18|MIT|helper, ui|Interface Binary Ninja with GDB-GEF easily.| |msp430 Architecture|Josh Watson|2019-09-06|MIT|architecture|MSP430 Architecture Plugin for Binary Ninja| |binja_sigmaker|apekros and Alex3434|2020-08-19|MIT|architecture, binaryview, core, ui|Generate and find signatures.| |Jump table branch editor|jofra|2019-07-06|MIT|core, ui|A plugin that eases fixing jump table branches| |bnida|zznop|2020-07-22|MIT|helper|Transfer analysis data between Binary Ninja and IDA| |genesis|zznop|2019-07-23|MIT|patch|SEGA Megadrive/Genesis ROM Hacking Toolkit| |kallsyms|zznop|2020-07-22|MIT|helper|Parses output from /proc/kallsyms and applies symbols to the corresponding kernel BN database| |recursion|zznop|2020-07-22|MIT|helper|Locate and annotate direct and indirect recursion| |Annotate Functions|B.Kerler with code from John Levy and @carstein|2019-07-09|MIT|binaryview|A plugin that annotates function arguments.| |VMNDH-2k12 Architecture Plugin|verylazyguy|2019-07-10|MIT|architecture|A disassembler and lifter for the VMNDH-2k12 architecture.| |MSVC|Brick|2019-07-12|MIT|helper|Parses MSVC structures to improve analysis| |AVR Architecture Plugin|Kevin Hamacher|2019-07-12|MIT|architecture, binaryview|AVR architecture plugin + lifter.| |BNIL Instruction Graph|Ryan Stortz (@withzombies)|2020-07-16|Apache-2.0|ui|A plugin to graph BNIL instruction trees| |Sourcery Pane|mechanicalnull|2019-07-14|MIT|helper, ui|Synchronized source code pane for debug binaries| |Frida|Chame1eon|2020-06-01|MIT|helper|A plugin to integrate the Frida dynamic instrumentation toolkit into Binary Ninja.| |Format String Finder|jofra|2019-07-15|MIT|helper|Finds format string vulnerabilities| |Windows Driver Analyzer|shareef12|2019-08-07|MIT|helper|Find IRP dispatch routines and valid IOCTLs in a Windows kernel driver| |Syscaller|Michal Melewski|2019-07-15|MIT|helper|Decorate encountered syscalls with details like name and arguments| |peutils|404'd|2020-04-18|MIT|helper|Binary Ninja plugin providing various niche utilities for working with PE binaries| |Auto Utils|404'd|2020-04-18|MIT|helper|Various auto analysis utilities| |bncov|Mark Griffin|2019-10-01|MIT|helper|Code coverage analysis and visualization plugin| |SVD Memory Map Parser|Mitchell Johnson (@ehntoo)|2019-10-06|MIT or Apache 2.0|helper|A parser for the CMSIS System View Description format| |Function ABI|whitequark|2019-09-04|BSD-0-clause|ui|A plugin that adds a GUI for changing function ABI.| |Itanium C++ ABI|whitequark|2020-05-17|BSD-0-clause|analysis|A plugin providing an analysis for Itanium C++ ABI.| |Intel 8086 Architecture|whitequark|2019-09-04|BSD-0-clause|arch|A plugin providing the 16-bit Intel architecture.| |Renesas M16C Architecture|whitequark|2020-01-19|BSD-0-clause|architecture|A plugin providing the Renesas M16C architecture.| |Instruction Slicer|Andrea Ferraris|2019-10-04|MIT|helper|Forward and backward instruction slicer| |BinRida|Andrea Ferraris|2019-09-26|MIT|helper|This plugin allows to stalk, dump and instrument a process using Frida functionalities.| |Game Boy Loader and Architecture Plugin|Hugo Porcher (@icecr4ck)|2020-01-12|MIT|architecture, binaryview|A loader and diassembler for Game Boy ROMs.| |Motorola 68k Architecture Plugin|Alex Forencich|2020-05-27|MIT|architecture|A disassembler and lifter for the Motorola 68k architecture.| |Clean Tricks|Jan Beck|2020-06-08|MIT|architecture, binaryview, core, helper, ui|This plugin removes some simple known obfuscation techniques to cut down on the tedium.| |bn-riscv|Katharina Utz|2020-03-12|Apache-2.0|architecture|RISC-V architecture plugin.| |Division and Modulo Deoptimizer|Nathan Peercy|2020-05-11|MIT|binaryview, helper, ui|Deoptimize Divisions and Modulos in Binary Ninja.| |IDC Importer|SpecterDev|2020-03-26|MIT|helper|Allows users to import idc database dumps from IDA into Binary Ninja.| |revsync|lunixbochs|2020-05-13|MIT|ui|Realtime IDA Pro and Binary Ninja sync plugin| |DUMB|toolCHAINZ|2020-03-01|MIT|architecture, binaryview|DUMB: An Example Architecture for Binary Ninja| |hexfiles|toolCHAINZ|2020-10-03|MIT|binaryview|A simple loader for Motorola SREC, Intel HEX, and TI-TXT files.| |WASM Plugin|Meador Inge|2020-06-30|MIT|architecture, binaryview|This is a plugin for disassembling and lifting WASM images..| |VTIL Plugin|Layle|2020-07-04|BSD-3-Clause|architecture, binaryview|Integrates the VTIL (Virtual-machine Translation Intermediate Language) Project with Binary Ninja| |Switch Loader|EliseZeroTwo|2020-07-22|ISC|binaryview, helper|Loader for common Nintendo Switch binaries| |SENinja|Luca Borzacchiello|2020-10-06|2-Clause BSD|helper|Symbolic execution plugin for BinaryNinja| |Discord Rich Presence Integration|xitan|2020-07-17|MIT|helper|Enables Discord Rich Presence Integration for Binary Ninja| |cryptoscan|Ben Pottier|2020-08-02|MIT|binaryview, ui|A plugin to detect several common crypto constructs and magic vars.| |CHIP-8 ROM Loader|uafio|2020-08-15|MIT|architecture, binaryview, core, helper, ui|Load and disassemble CHIP-8 ROM.| |Emotet API+string deobfuscator|Francesco Muroni|2020-09-21|MIT|helper|Deobufscate API calls and strings in unpacked Emotet samples.| |iBoot64 Loader|Blackwing Intelligence|2020-10-01|MIT|binaryview|Binary View for loading iBoot, SecureROM, etc. firmware| |logrn|catnip|2020-10-02|MIT|helper|binary ninja plugin for abusing logging functions| |Delphi VMT Analyzer|ImNotAVirus|2020-10-02|MIT|helper|Find Delphi VMTs and generate their structures|

Binary Ninja Community Plugins

Plugins in this repository are provided by the community. Vector 35, Inc. makes no guarantees to the quality, safety or efficacy of the plugins herein.

Official Plugins

This repository tracks third-party plugins, but many official plugins are provided by Vector 35 that offer additional functionality:

Installing Plugins

To install plugins, you can either use the Plugin Manager in the UI or clone the repositories linked here in into your plugin folder.

Contributing Plugins

  1. Create a new repository (Optionally, just copy it from the sample plugin)
  2. Fill out a
    . Optionally you can use the -i
    to interactively walk you through setting the required fields. The
    must pass all the checks when run through -v plugin.json
    can also generate your
    and your
    file with the
    , or
    (all) options. Below is a list of the required and recommended fields.
  3. Create and push a git tag with the version of your plugin (e.g.
    ). Create a release, optionally attaching build artifacts as required.
  4. File an issue with a link to your repo and the tag name of the release.
  5. To update your plugin repeat the two previous steps.

Required Fields

To be displayed in the plugin loader, your

MUST have the following fields:
  • pluginmetadataversion
    - The current version is the integer
  • name
    - Good names do not use "Binary Ninja" or "Binja" neither do they use the words "plugin" or "extension". So instead of "Binja 6502 Architecture Plugin" simply use "6502 Architecture"
  • author
    - Your name, handle, or company name.
  • api
    - A list of supported architectures. Though we support
    we highly recommend plugin authors support
    support will be dropped as some time in the near future.
  • license
    - A json object with
  • description
    - This is a short (<50 character) description of the plugin.
  • longdescription
    - A longer Markdown formatted description of the plugin including hyperlinks and images as needed.
  • version
    - Version string
  • minimumBinaryNinjaVersion
    - An integer build number so instead of
  • platforms
    - A list of strings one for each supported platform. Valid platforms are
    , and

Recommended Fields

  • type
    - A list of strings of the following types:
    , and
    • helper
      - Plugin that adds some base functionality to Binary Ninja. Most plugins will be of this type.
    • ui
      - The plugin extends the UI is some way.
    • architecture
      - The plugin adds an architecture (e.g.
    • binaryview
      - The plugin adds a new BinaryView (e.g.
    • core
      - Plugin that extends the core's analysis. Your plugin probably isn't one of these.
  • installinstructions
    - A json object with keys for each supported platform listed in
    and text Markdown formatted.


Note that content contained in the root of this repository itself is Copyright 2016, Vector 35, Inc. and available under an MIT license, but each individual plugin may be released under a different license.

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