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Akka-like .NET Actor Model Toolkit

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This is a MVP .NET Actor Model toolkit that follows the Akka API as closely as possible, but as idomatic C#. It is licensed under Apache 2.0.

What's In a Name?

Dotsero, Colorado:

Currently supported:

  1. ActorSystem
    • /user
    • /sys
    • /sys/deadLetters
  2. Actor, Props, ActorContext, and ActorRef
    • Any number of typed OnReceive() methods
    • Stack-based Become/Unbecome
  3. ActorPath (very lightweight)
  4. ActorSelection (currently no wildcards)
  5. SupervisorStrategy
    • OneForOneStrategy
    • AllForOneStrategy (not fully implemented)
  6. System Scheduler (timers)
  • Requires Retlang:
  • Currently seeing approximately 0.5 million messages per second, with only two threads, on a Intel i7 Quad Core 4700HQ 2.4 GHz.
  • See unit tests for usage.

Currently unsupported (big items missing):

  1. Configuration
  2. EventBus/EventStream
  3. Remoting and Clustering (LocalActorRef/RemoteActorRef)
  4. Creating and stopping actors is currently not asyncrhonous, and the ActorKilledException/Stop messages are currently not supported. Further, if a message is delivered to a suspended actor (e.g. due to a restart) the delivery currently blocks rather than stashing messages. This is because stashing would require another incoming message to cause the stashed messages to be delivered. A scheduler would be the thing to cause the stash to be emptied. The good news is that the block is a sleep and will likely last only one 1 ms interval.
  5. Death Watch
  6. Whatever else is not listed above as supported.

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