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Spacemacs like keybindings for Visual Studio Code

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This extension is inspired by spacemacs and aiming to provide similar experience in VSCode. An action menu trigger by space key is implemented to reduce memorization of shortcuts. You can change the editor group, change the file language, and check git status without leaving your keyboard. This provides the speed to shortcut while minimizing typing comparing to fuzzy search in the command palette or shortcut memorizing.


  • Spacemacs like action menu to reduce memorization of shortcuts
  • All menu items are customizable
  • The menu key is customizable
  • Bundle all the extensions needed out-of-the box

VSpaceCode actions

Project history

This project was initially started by StreakyCobra as a configuration file for VSCodeVim to be merged in your

file. stevenguh developed on his side stevenguh/spacecode also with the goal to bring Spacemacs bindings to VSCode. After some discussion we agreed to merge the two projects to keep this niche community unified. stevenguh solution was technically better, but this project had a larger community and was better referenced, so it was decided move his extension here and to deprecate stevenguh/spacecode.

If you prefer this project's first approach using settings without an extension, see the vscode-vim branch.

Installation and documentation

You can find installation instructions and documentation in the VSpaceCode website.

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All feature requests and help are welcome. Please check out our contributing guide on how you can help.

This project is maintained by different people around the world in their free time. Thank you for your contribution. ❤️

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