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LWRP Scriptable Render Pass - Example Library


This Unity project demonstrates several different implementation examples using the Scriptable Render Pass API and Shader Graph in the Lightweight Render Pipeline.

  • Realtime Planar Reflections LWRP_PlanarReflections.png
  • Blurry Refractions (Grab Pass-like) LWRP_BlurryRefractions.png
  • Screen Filter Effects LWRP_ScreenFilters.png

These are modified versions that come from the following projects: - Boat Attack: - Extending LWRP:

Some of the assets used are from the FPS Sample project:

All examples/assets/shaders are offered 'as is' and you are welcome to extract them, modify them, adapt them etc!

Software Requirements

  • Unity 2018.3.0f2
  • Lightweight Render Pipeline 4.6.0


If you have any issues and feedback on the project; please contact Andy by email: andyt[at]

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