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Samples designed as exercises to be ported from Unity GameObjects/MonoBehaviours to Unity DOTS.

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Demos to be converted to Unity DOTS (Data-Oriented Tech Stack)


Clone this repository, make a new branch for your demo, then:

  • Create a new directory under /PreECSDemos/Ported/ with your name. For example, /PreECSDemos/Ported/ebaumel/
  • Make a brand new project in your name folder so you can start from scratch. For example, /PreECSDemos/Ported/ebaumel/DistanceFieldAttractorsECS
  • Use the originals for reference, but remember we're only trying to achieve the same output. Use ECS and data-oriented design!

Difficulty Rating Outline: * 1: Easier, no concurrent data dependencies * 2: Moderate, concurrent reads and writes * 3: Difficult, lots of concurrency, data design problems to solve

Project Overview

  • Ant Pheromones (Difficulty 2): Ants look for food and spread pheromones to influence the pathing of other ants

    Ant Pheromones

  • Auto Farmers (Difficulty 2): Farmers gather and sell resources to expand their farm.

    Auto Farmers

  • Bucket Brigade (Difficulty 2): Firefighters pass buckets along a chain to extinguish a fire.

    Bucket Brigade

  • Combat Bees (Difficulty 1): Two bee hives battle for resources and survival.

    Combat Bees

  • Cliff Divers (Difficulty 1): Dramatic shots of people diving down a cliff.

    Cliff Divers

  • CpuCarManufacturer (Difficulty 2): Car manufacturing used as a metaphor for the memory stack.

    Cpu Car Manufacturer

  • Distance Field Attractors (Difficulty 1): Colorful particles move towards the surface of an invisible mesh.

    Distance Field Attractors

  • Factory (Difficulty 1): Robots transport resources along lanes to crafters.


  • Future HUD (Difficulty 3): Futuristic HUDs drawn with OpenGL primitives.

    Future HUD

  • JobCloth (Difficulty 2): Simulate clothing using the Job system.

    Job Cloth

  • Highway Racers (Difficulty 1): Simulate traffic on a 4-lane highway.

    Highway Racers

  • Jump The Gun (Difficulty 2): A ball jumps through a blocky landscape and avoids cannonballs.

    Jump The Gun

  • LabRat (Difficulty 3): Place arrows on the board to route the most rats into your home base.

    Lab Rat

  • Magnetic Roads (Difficulty 3): Cars drive along 3D generated splines in all orientations.

    Magnetic Roads

  • Metro (Difficulty 3): Metro train transport commuters from station to station.


  • Parade (Difficulty 1): Take part in a parade and let people cheer for you.


  • Stack Interchange (Difficulty 2): Cars drive through a stack interchange.

    Stack Interchange

  • Surgeon Master (Difficulty 2): Cut and stitch a triangle-mesh.

    Surgeon Master

  • Thrower Arms (Difficulty 3): Mechanical arms throw rocks at tin cans.

    Thrower Arms

  • Tornado (Difficulty 2): A tornado devastates a construction site.


  • Zombie Maze (Difficulty 2): A circle picks up capsules in a maze infested with zombies.

    Zombie Maze

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