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Siphon - A collection of Python utilities for retrieving atmospheric and oceanic data from remote so...

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Siphon is a collection of Python utilities for downloading data from Unidata data technologies. See our

support page
__ for ways to get help with Siphon.


Siphon follows

semantic versioning 
_ in its version number. With our current 0.x version, that implies that Siphon's APIs (application programming interfaces) are still evolving (we won't break things just for fun, but many things are still changing as we work through design issues). Also, for a version
, we change
when we release new features, and
when we make a release with only bug fixes.

We support Python >= 3.6 and currently support Python 2.7.

NOTE: We are dropping support for Python 2.7 in Fall 2019. See

_ for more information.

Important Links

  • Source code repository:
  • HTML Documentation:
  • Unidata Python Gallery:
  • Issue tracker:
  • "python-siphon" tagged questions on Stack Overflow:
  • Gitter chat room:


  • requests>=1.2
  • numpy>=1.8
  • protobuf>=3.0.0a3
  • beautifulsoup4>=4.6
  • pandas

Developer Dependencies

  • pytest
  • vcrpy
  • flake8

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