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What's HackCube-Special

HackCube-Special is a portable hardware platform for radio security research. It works on multiple radio frequencies, and can receive & transmit RF signals.

  • [x] EM41xx reader
  • [x] nRF24l01 transmitter and receiver
  • [x] PT2262(3^8 Bit)transmitter and receiver
  • [x] PT2242 (2^20 Bit)transmitter and receiver
  • [x] HCSXXX (Keeloq)receiver
  • [x] TPMS (CRC16)transmitter
  • [x] Sub1G Jam
  • [x] WHID
  • [x] WiFi AP and client scan

How to Use

1.Turn the power switch on. The light should be shown in blue.

2.Use a cellphone or computer to connect the WiFi hotspot,

. The default password is:

3.Open your web browser and visit:


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