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Typescript transformer to unlock automatic mock creation for interfaces and classes

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TS auto mock

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A TypeScript transformer that will allow you to create mocks for any types (interfaces, classes, etc.) without the need to create manual fakes/mocks.

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import { createMock } from 'ts-auto-mock';

interface Person { id: string; getName(): string; details: { phone: number } } const mock = createMock(); // "" mock.getName() // "" mock.details // "{ phone: 0 }"


Find the changelog here: Changelog.


You can find the roadmap of this project on the Wiki page: Roadmap.

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Artem Kornev

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Geoffrey 'C0ZEN' Testelin

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Giulio Caprino

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Martin Jesper Low Madsen

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Vittorio Guerriero

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This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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