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Blender as a python module with easy-install

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Blender as a python module with easy-install


Meant for installation into a virtualenv or wherever, for unit testing of Blender extensions being authored, or developement of a Blender 3d-enabled Python application.

Depends upon the

module to make sure the Blender
module environment is correct.

For more information, please see:

bpy-build repository

Getting Started

Prebuilt wheels are provided for popular Platforms (MacOS, Windows, and

). Prebuilds are complete builds with audio, CUDA, and Optix functionality (except for MacOS, which is missing those three), like you would expect with installing the complete application.


Both building the Python package from sources and installing the

files require the bare minimum dependencies listed on the Blender 3D wiki for building Blender. Get these first before opening a new issue.


Installing from


pip install bpy && bpy_post_install

Installing from

file (see Releases page):

pip install  && bpy_post_install


A unique uninstallation script is required to ensure that all traces of

are removed from the hard drive, because Blender expects
libraries to be in places that are not part of the Python packaging system.

bpy_pre_uninstall && pip uninstall bpy


See more about building

on the wiki page.


Q. I am getting
failed to find 'bpy_types' module

A. Please see issue #13

Q. I am getting
ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found

A. Please see issue #15

Q. How do I import addons?

A. Addons (Blender internal and third party) can be imported using the code referenced here.

Q. How can I use Blender in

A. Blender runtime usage and compatibility with

is limited, see the documentation.

Q. What about my operating system of choice?

A. Please file a new issue if you are having trouble installing on your operating system of choice.

Q. What about my Python version of choice?

A. Some builds you will have to make yourself if you have a specific version of the API you want. Likewise, if you are contrained to a specific Python version (especially those that aren't shipped by then you may have to try and build yourself.

Q. What about my bitness of choice?

A. 32-bit support officially ended with

. See the announcement


Some unique hardware and software configurations may not work, and there is no extant list of things that don't work in the Python standalone module.

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