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:zap: A very easy-to-use, blazing fast asset-loader using promises. Support older-browsers and prelo...

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A very easy-to-use asset-loader using promises. Supports images, audio and video. Fully documented for a perfect usage in your TypeScript projects.


Install using

  • yarn add loaderz
  • npm install loaderz --save


// Default export of Loaderz is the Loader.
import Loader from 'loaderz';

// A list of heavy images to load, it could be art-assets for your HTML5 game const images = [ 'https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1549360336-6a77ea5193eb', 'https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1549379458-e8f7034360a9', 'https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1548175850-b5a765959436', ];

// Some audio elements to spice-up your HTML5 game const audios = [ 'http://www.sample-videos.com/audio/mp3/crowd-cheering.mp3', 'http://www.sample-videos.com/audio/mp3/wave.mp3', ];

// Instanciate the loader, you can easily implement it anywhere in your project const loader = new Loader();

// Queue all our different resources (we can chain since queue returns the // instance of loader) loader .queue('image', images) .queue('audio', audios);

// Start loading the resources and have a full control of the global loading // state using a promise and return a response with all elements loaded loader.start() .then(response => console.log('All urls have been loaded, do whatever you want here:', response));


  • Loader#queue(type: string, src: string | string[])
    : accepts 3 different types of medias (audio, image, video).
  • Loader#start()
    : used to load all the queued resources. Returns a global promise of the resources loading.
  • Loader#queuedImages
    : an array of URLs of images queued to load.
  • Loader#queuedMedias
    : an array of
    elements queued to load.


All the code is written in TypeScript. Feel free to contribute by creating issues, PRs or suggesting new features:

  1. Fork and clone the repo:
    [email protected]:username/loaderz.git
  2. Install all dev-deps:
    yarn install
    npm install
  3. Run the demo:
    yarn demo
  4. Edit some files
  5. Run tests:
    yarn test
    npm test
    • (optional) run
      yarn lint
      npm run lint
      to automatically lint the files
  6. Commit and push your edits on a separate branch
  7. Create a PR which points on the


Under MIT license, view the license file for more informations.

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