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Flixtor streams movies, series, videos and animes from Torrents.

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Flixtor streams movies, series, videos and animes from Torrents.
Based with the peerflix module and mixed with services from TorrentLookup. All of this packaged with node-webkit in order to deliver the ultimate windows, mac and linux app.


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Latest build

Flixtor 1.0.0


Torrent Lookup


git clone https://github.com/TorrentLookup/Flixtor.git

Node / NPM

Install nodejs on your computer http://nodejs.org/


Run 'npm install' in command prompt on the folder you clone the project. This will create a node_modules folder containing all the dependencies you need to have if you want to run the application.


Download the latest version of Node-Webkit https://github.com/rogerwang/node-webkit
Extract & copy files inside your project folder.
Replace 'ffmpegsumo' of node-webkit by one inside the librairies folder of the project.
Click the nw.exe and Flixtor should start working.


Flixtor donate
Bitcoin: 3734YMWLzXshr6nG68AZH5GGGr85JNDeYh


Flixtor is a new application and is not a segment of Popcorn Time.

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