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TomBebbington / js.rs

An experimental Javascript parser and just-in-time compiler written in Rust

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Build Status This is a Javascript lexer, parser and Just-in-Time compiler written in Rust. Currently, it has support for some of the language.


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If you want to contribute just file a pull request with your changes. If it passes travis and is reasonably clean and justifiable, it will be merged. Look at the lints specified in

for coding guidelines.


To build this project, clone it then run

make libs all
in the project root


To install this project, run

[sudo ]make install
in the project root


  • To run the test suite, run
    js.rs test
  • To run the interactive (REPL) interpreter, run
    js.rs interactive
  • To run a specific script, run
    js.rs *[script path]*

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