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A collection of Unity3D scripts I've been sharing between projects - open source, fully commented and with examples.

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Tobi's Unity Utilities

Over the years, I've worked on a lot of projects and game jam prototypes with Unity3D and there are some pieces of code that I've needed time and time again. I'm sharing them here in the hopes that they are useful for you too!

Everything is released under the MIT License.

If you find any bugs or have suggestions, please add an Issue here or send me a mail at [email protected]


  • Countdown: Useful for things like cooldowns or spawn delays. It is also helpful for tweening things by using the
  • EditorHelper: Gets the
    attribute content of fields for editor classes. Might get more helper methods in the future.
  • LINQExtensions: A collection of extension methods for
    and arrays.
  • MathHelper: Helper methods for framerate-independent eased lerping, mapping and angles.
  • MeshCreator: Makes it more convenient to create meshes via code.
  • NoiseOutputValue: Enter a range and a speed in the editor, get an output value that fluctuates over time using Perlin Noise.
  • RandomBag: A
    gives you random items from a group while ensuring that in a certain interval every item was given back the same number of times.
  • Range: Editable data types that take an
    range. Used for things like "Spawn 2 to 4 enemies."
  • RollingArray: Collection that keeps the last x elements that are added to it.
  • Singleton: Allows easy and convenient creation of a Singleton. Optionally makes a Singleton persist between scenes while ensuring that only one exists.
  • UnityHelper: Contains a plethora of useful extensions and helpers for Transform, GameObject, Vector2/3/4, Rect and more.
  • XmlHelper: Serializes data to XML strings and makes accessing optional element content and attributes in general XMLs easier.


To use the scripts, just drop them into the Assets folder of your projects. Or better yet, make an "Assets/Extensions/TobisUnityUtitilites" folder and drop them there. Hurray for proper organisation.

You can also just use selected scripts, but you should check the "Dependencies" section in the respective folder to make sure you copy everything you need.


The class documentation is available here.


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