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Agile Threat Modeling Toolkit

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Agile Threat Modeling Toolkit

Threagile (see for more details) is an open-source toolkit for agile threat modeling:

It allows to model an architecture with its assets in an agile fashion as a YAML file directly inside the IDE. Upon execution of the Threagile toolkit all standard risk rules (as well as individual custom rules if present) are checked against the architecture model.

Execution via Docker Container

The easiest way to execute Threagile on the commandline is via its Docker container:

docker run --rm -it threagile/threagile

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Threagile - Agile Threat Modeling

Documentation: Docker Images: Sourcecode: License: Open-Source (MIT License)

Usage: threagile [options]


-background string background pdf file (default "background.pdf") -create-editing-support just create some editing support stuff in the output directory -create-example-model just create an example model named threagile-example-model.yaml in the output directory -create-stub-model just create a minimal stub model named threagile-stub-model.yaml in the output directory -custom-risk-rules-plugins string comma-separated list of plugins (.so shared object) file names with custom risk rules to load -diagram-dpi int DPI used to render: maximum is 240 (default 120) -execute-model-macro string Execute model macro (by ID) -generate-data-asset-diagram generate data asset diagram (default true) -generate-data-flow-diagram generate data-flow diagram (default true) -generate-report-pdf generate report pdf, including diagrams (default true) -generate-risks-excel generate risks excel (default true) -generate-risks-json generate risks json (default true) -generate-stats-json generate stats json (default true) -generate-tags-excel generate tags excel (default true) -generate-technical-assets-json generate technical assets json (default true) -ignore-orphaned-risk-tracking ignore orphaned risk tracking (just log them) not matching a concrete risk -list-model-macros print model macros -list-risk-rules print risk rules -list-types print type information (enum values to be used in models) -model string input model yaml file (default "threagile.yaml") -output string output directory (default ".") -print-3rd-party-licenses print 3rd-party license information -print-license print license information -raa-plugin string RAA calculation plugin (.so shared object) file name (default "") -server int start a server (instead of commandline execution) on the given port -skip-risk-rules string comma-separated list of risk rules (by their ID) to skip -verbose verbose output -version print version


If you want to create an example model (via docker) as a starting point to learn about Threagile just run: docker run --rm -it -v "$(pwd)":/app/work threagile/threagile -create-example-model -output /app/work

If you want to create a minimal stub model (via docker) as a starting point for your own model just run: docker run --rm -it -v "$(pwd)":/app/work threagile/threagile -create-stub-model -output /app/work

If you want to execute Threagile on a model yaml file (via docker): docker run --rm -it -v "$(pwd)":/app/work threagile/threagile -verbose -model /app/work/threagile.yaml -output /app/work

If you want to run Threagile as a server (REST API) on some port (here 8080): docker run --rm -it --shm-size=256m -p 8080:8080 --name threagile-server --mount 'type=volume,src=threagile-storage,dst=/data,readonly=false' threagile/threagile -server 8080

If you want to find out about the different enum values usable in the model yaml file: docker run --rm -it threagile/threagile -list-types

If you want to use some nice editing help (syntax validation, autocompletion, and live templates) in your favourite IDE: docker run --rm -it -v "$(pwd)":/app/work threagile/threagile -create-editing-support -output /app/work

If you want to list all available model macros (which are macros capable of reading a model yaml file, asking you questions in a wizard-style and then update the model yaml file accordingly): docker run --rm -it threagile/threagile -list-model-macros

If you want to execute a certain model macro on the model yaml file (here the macro add-build-pipeline): docker run --rm -it -v "$(pwd)":/app/work threagile/threagile -model /app/work/threagile.yaml -output /app/work -execute-model-macro add-build-pipeline

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