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Enjoy driving on a Javascriptive (originally Pythonic) way to Japanese AV!

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这是一个用来搜索日本 AV 相关信息的 NodeJS app,目前提供一个基于WebSocket的Web客户端页面。



  • 每日最新影片
  • 由番号找在基本信息及在线观看链接
  • 由番号找磁力链接
  • 由演员日文/英文名找演员信息,历史艺名及出演影片

* 由演员照片/电影截图找演员

This is a NodeJS app for searching Japanese AVs related information. This project temporarily only provides a WebSocket based web page as interface.

This app fetches information from various websites, but most of them are blocked in some regions. To experience a better travel, please host the service in somewhere having lesser Internet cencorships, like the USA, Japan, etc.

This app provides functions listed below,

  • Newly released movies
  • Search basic information and streaming links with movie code
  • Search magnet links with movie code
  • Search actress information, aliases and movies with Japanese / Romaji name.
  • Actress facial recognition.

Quick Start

With Prebuilt Binaries

  • Simply go to Releases, download an executable and just run and enjoy.

With Git

$ git clone
$ cd javpy && npm install -g --only=prod
$ javpy --port 8081

With npm

$ npm install -g --only=prod javpy
$ javpy --port 8081

With Docker

$ docker run -p 8081:8081 wheatcarrier/javpy:latest





If you want to run the server on a remote machine like a cloud VPS, you may be worry about the website being accessed by unauthorised people. JavPy will automatically create a configuration file

on its first run. You can add your personal IPs or IP ranges into the file and create a password. Unauthorised access will then be blocked and get a response of Error 400. You can also set the configuration with the settings button on the top left of tha web page.


docker cp
docker commit

Attention: If you are serving with docker, please don't forget to save your config file before exiting the container. You can either backup the config file with

docker cp
or save your changes into an image with
docker commit

Using Proxy


proxy=localhost:1080 javpy  # 同时设置 http 及 https 代理
http_proxy=localhost:1080 https_proxy=localhost:1081 javpy

If you need to use a proxy, please set the

environment variable. For example,
proxy=localhost:1080 javpy  # for both http and https proxies
or separately,
http_proxy=localhost:1080 https_proxy=localhost:1081 javpy


This project does not include any stored or static data, and all the data it presents are collected realtime and automatically from the websites below. Internet data are public but messy and collecting them is a tiring work. Appreciate them for their offering precious and high quality data.

JavMost AVSOX AV女優名 変換君 IndexAV JavBus YouAV Avgle 素人系AV女優大辞典wiki JavModel Warashi-Asian-Pornstars-Database JavFull JavLibrary XFantasy JavBus HighPorn

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