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React.js panel widget with support for tabs, toolbars, buttons and customizable themes

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A multipurpose tabbed panel component with many features. Using React v0.13.1 with addons.



  • No dependencies, single JS file with React inline styles.
    • Written to be browser first from the start so our browser build is a simple javascript file instead of a webpack/browserify bundle like in other react components. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that react-panels is not suited for other kind of projects since a CommonJS build is also provided.
  • Support for themes and skins.
    • Available themes: chemical demo, flexbox demo, flexbox2 No demo yet.
    • Wanna share one of your own? Open an issue or make a pull request.
  • Fixed or as a draggable floating panel.
  • Multi-content components and toggleable footer and toolbars in tabs.
  • Auto-collapsible tab header buttons when don't fit in a single row.
  • Custom panel buttons.
  • Easily extensible by mixins. Not documented yet
  • Animations demo
  • Drag&drop tabs demo Warning: In development, subject to change.


  • Optional className in props to allow CSS styling.
  • Restore collapsed tab headers when there's available space. (not needed in flex based themes)
  • Allow prebuilt styles to increase performance.
  • More...


Using bower

bower install react-panels

Using npm

npm install react-panels
var ReactPanels = require('react-panels')
// or
var ReactPanels = require('react-panels/addons')


Example usage:

var Panel = ReactPanels.Panel;
var Tab = ReactPanels.Tab;
var Toolbar = ReactPanels.Toolbar;
var Content = ReactPanels.Content;
var Footer = ReactPanels.Footer;

var MyPanel = React.createClass({ render: function () { return ( Toolbar content of One Content of One

Footer content of One
Content of Two ); } });

Documentation for react-panels v2 is not available yet but you can take a look at the working examples for easy usages of almost all its features.


Feel free to fork this repo and make a PR. Any help is welcome, even fixing typos. I created react-panels to use it myself and I'm mostly adding new features or bug fixes on a need basis. So, if you need something specific, you can add/fix it yourself or open a new issue and I'll provide feedback as soon as possible.

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The MIT License (MIT)

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