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Odin 2 Synthesizer Plugin

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Odin 2 Synthesizer

This is the home of Odin 2 free VST3, AU and LV2 synthesizer plugin. This repository contains the code to build the project. If you just want to download the synth, get it from

alt text

Build Instructions

All Platforms

Clone this project with submodules:

git clone --recurse-submodules
Now download JUCE 6.0.8. The project is currently build against JUCE 6.0.8. You can use more recent JUCE versions, but the code might need adjustments then. Open the file
with the
application from the JUCE main directory. Now generate the build files by pressing
Ctrl + P
inside the
. You can close

Windows (Visual Studio 2019)

Open the VS2019 solution

and compile the project.

MacOS X (XCode)

Open the XCode project

and compile it.

Linux (Makefile)

Open a terminal and navigate to

. Now compile the project with
. You will most likely hit some errors because header files are not found. You need to find out which packages the header belongs to and install the required packages. For Ubuntu 18.04, the required packages can be installed with
sudo apt install libx11-dev libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev mesa-common-dev libasound2-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev

Compiling as VST2 Plugin (All Platforms)

VST2 is no longer licensed by Steinberg. You will need to find the

on the internet yourself. Once you have it, open
with the
again. Navigate to
File -> Global Paths...
and under
VST (Legacy) SDK
insert the path to the
folder. Close the window and hit the gear-icon on the top left of the
interface. Under
Plugin Formats
VST (Legacy)
. Press
Ctrl + S
and build the project again as described above.

IMPORTANT: Steinbergs licencing prohibits you from distributing any VST2 plugins, unless you've been a registered developer with them since 2018.

Compiling as LV2 Plugin (Linux)

First, you'll need the LV2 headers. On Ubuntu you can install them with

sudo apt install lv2-dev
You'll also need a custom set of JUCE modules from the LV2 Porting Project. Clone the JUCE fork and check out the
branch, e.g.:
git clone -b lv2 ~/JUCELV2
Now open Odin in your regular Projucer:
/path/to/juce/Projucer odin2/Odin.jucer
Navigate to
Global Paths
. In the Field
JUCE Modules
enter, the modules from the repo you just cloned, e.g.:
Close the Dialog and generate the Project again with
Ctrl + P
. Close the Projucer.

Add these lines to

and make sure they are contained within the user code section: ``` // [BEGINUSERCODE_SECTION]

#define JucePluginBuildLV2 1 #define JucePluginLV2URI "" #define JucePluginMaxNumOutputChannels 2


The last step is to append a line to the generated Makefile with this command:
echo -e "include ../../LV2.mak" >> odin2/Builds/LinuxMakefile/Makefile ``
Now you can build the project again with
as before. Note: Every time you export the project from the
Projucer`, you'll have to append the line to the Makefile again.

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