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Welcome to the official Go implementation of the Tesranode blockchain!

Tesranode is a high-performance public blockchain project and distributed trust collaboration platform. It is highly customizable and suitable for all kinds of business requirements. The Tesranode MainNet[for testing] was launched on December 31th, 2019.

As a public blockchain project, Tesranode is currently maintained by both the Tesranode core tech team and community members who can all support you in development. There are many available tools for use for development - SDKs, the SmartX IDE, Tesranode blockchain explorer and more.

New features are still being rapidly developed, therefore the master branch may be unstable. Stable versions can be found in the releases section.


  • Scalable lightweight universal smart contracts
  • Scalable WASM contract support
  • Cross-chain interactive protocol
  • Multiple encryption algorithms supported
  • Highly optimized transaction processing speed
  • P2P link layer encryption (optional module)
  • Multiple consensus algorithms supported (VBFT/DBFT/RBFT/SBFT/PoW)
  • Quick block generation time (1-30 seconds)

Build Development Environment

The requirements to build Tesranode are:

  • Golang version 1.11 or later

Download Tesranode

Download Release

You can download a stable compiled version of the Tesranode node software by either:

Build from Source Code

Alternatively, you can build the Tesranode application directly from the source code. Note that the code in the

branch may not be stable.

1) Clone the Tesranode repository into a appropriate directory but

$ git clone

2) Build the source code with make:

$ cd Tesra && make all


$ cd Tesra && go build -o tesranode main.go

After building the source code successfully, you should see one executable program:

  • tesranode
    : The primary Tesranode node application and CLI.

Run Tesranode

The Tesranode CLI can run nodes for the MainNet, TestNet and local PrivateNet. Check out the Tesranode CLI user guide for a full list of commands.

MainNet Sync Node

You can run an Tesranode MainNet node built from the source code with:


To run it with a macOS release build:


To run it with a Windows release build:

 start tesranode-windows-amd64.exe

TestNet Sync Node

You can run an Tesranode TestNet node built from the source code with:

./tesranode --networkid 2

To run it with a macOS release build:

 ./tesranode-darwin-amd64 --networkid 2

To run it with a Windows release build:

 start tesranode-windows-amd64.exe --networkid 2

Local PrivateNet

The Tesranode CLI allows you to run a local PrivateNet on your computer. Before you can run the PrivateNet you will need to create a wallet file. A wallet file named

can be generated by running
./tesranode account add -d

To start the PrivateNet built from the source code with:

./tesranode --testmode

Here's an example of the directory structure

$ tree
└── tesranode
    ├── tesranode
    └── twallet.dat

To run it with a macOS release build:

./tesranode-darwin-amd64 --testmode

To run it with a Windows release build:

start tesranode-windows-amd64.exe --testmode


TST transfer sample

-- from: transfer from; -- to: transfer to; -- amount: TST amount;

 ./tesranode asset transfer  --from=ARVVxBPGySL56CvSSWfjRVVyZYpNZ7zp48 --to=AaCe8nVkMRABnp5YgEjYZ9E5KYCxks2uce --amount=10
If the asset transfer is successful, the result will display as follows:
Transfer TST

TxHash is the transfer transaction hash, and we can query a transfer result by the TxHash. Due to block time, the transfer transaction will not be executed before the block is generated and added.

If you want to transfer TSG, just add --asset=tsg flag.

Note that TST is an integer and has no decimals, whereas TSG has 9 decimals.

./tesranode asset transfer --from=ARVVxBPGySL56CvSSWfjRVVyZYpNZ7zp48 --to=ARVVxBPGySL56CvSSWfjRVVyZYpNZ7zp48 --amount=95.479777254 --asset=tsg

If transfer of the asset succeeds, the result will display as follows:

Transfer TSG

Please note, when you use the address of an account, you can use the index or label of the account instead. Index is the sequence number of a particular account in the wallet. The index starts from 1, and the label is the unique alias of an account in the wallet.

./tesranode asset transfer --from=1 --to=2 --amount=10

Query transfer status sample

./tesranode info status 

For Example:

./tesranode info status 10dede8b57ce0b272b4d51ab282aaf0988a4005e980d25bd49685005cc76ba7f


Transaction:transfer success

Query account balance sample

./tesranode asset balance 

For Example:

./tesranode asset balance ARVVxBPGySL56CvSSWfjRVVyZYpNZ7zp48


./tesranode asset balance 1




Contributors to Tesranode are very welcome! Before beginning, please take a look at our contributing guidelines. You can open an issue by clicking here.

If you have any issues getting setup, open an issue or reach out in the Tesranode Discord.

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The Tesranode source code is available under the LGPL-3.0 license.

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