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Help secure .net core apps with various HTTP headers (such as CSP's)

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HardHat is a set of .net core middleware that adds various headers to help protect your site from vulnerabilities. Inspired by helmetJS. We have some docs they are still a work in progress, so please feel free to submit changes to them.

In short this allows:

 // This method gets called by the runtime. Use this method to configure the HTTP request pipeline.
        public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env, ILoggerFactory loggerFactory)
            app.UseDnsPrefetch(allow: false); //turn off dns prefetch to protect the privacy of users
            app.UseFrameGuard(new FrameGuardOptions(FrameGuardOptions.FrameGuard.SAMEORIGIN)); //prevent clickjacking, by not allowing your site to be rendered in an iframe
            //  app.UseFrameGuard(new FrameGuardOptions("")); or allow iframes on another domain
            app.UseHsts(maxAge: 5000, includeSubDomains: true, preload: false); //tell browsers to always use https for the next 5000 seconds
            app.UseReferrerPolicy(ReferrerPolicy.NoReferrer); // do not include the referrer header when linking away from your site to protect your users privacy
            app.UseIENoOpen(); // don't allow old ie to open files in the context of your site
            app.UseNoMimeSniff(); // prevent MIME sniffing
            app.UseCrossSiteScriptingFilters(); //add headers to have the browsers auto detect and block some xss attacks
            app.UseContentSecurityPolicy( // Provide a security policy so only content can come from trusted sources
                new ContentSecurityPolicyBuilder()
            app.UseHpkp(maxAge: 5184000, keys: new List{ // Prevent man in the middle attacks by providing a hash of your public keys
                new PublicKeyPin("cUPcTAZWKaASuYWhhneDttWpY3oBAkE3h2+soZS7sWs=", HpKpCrypto.sha256),
                new PublicKeyPin("M8HztCzM3elUxkcjR2S5P4hhyBNf6lHkmjAHKhpGPWE=", HpKpCrypto.sha256)
            }, includeSubDomains: true, reportUri: "/report", reportOnly: false);
            app.UseMvc(routes =>
                    name: "default",
                    template: "{controller=Home}/{action=Index}/{id?}");

Getting started

  • Install the nuget package
    Install-Package HardHat
  • Add the middleware you desire to your configure block.

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