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An open-source neural machine translation toolkit developed by Tsinghua Natural Language Processing Group

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THUMT: An Open Source Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation



Machine translation is a natural language processing task that aims to translate natural languages using computers automatically. Recent several years have witnessed the rapid development of end-to-end neural machine translation, which has become the new mainstream method in practical MT systems.

THUMT is an open-source toolkit for neural machine translation developed by the Natural Language Processing Group at Tsinghua University. The website of THUMT is:

Online Demo

The online demo of THUMT is available at The languages involved include Ancient Chinese, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


THUMT has currently three main implementations:

The following table summarizes the features of three implementations:

| Implementation | Model | Criterion | Optimizer | LRP | | :------------: | :---: | :--------------: | :--------------: | :----------------: | | Theano | RNNsearch | MLE, MRT, SST | SGD, AdaDelta, Adam | RNNsearch | | TensorFlow | Seq2Seq, RNNsearch, Transformer | MLE| Adam | RNNsearch, Transformer | | PyTorch | Transformer | MLE | SGD, Adadelta, Adam | N.A. |

We recommend using THUMT-PyTorch or THUMT-TensorFlow, which delivers better translation performance than THUMT-Theano. We will keep adding new features to THUMT-PyTorch and THUMT-TensorFlow.

Notable Features

  • Transformer (Vaswani et al., 2017)
  • Multi-GPU training & decoding
  • Multi-worker distributed training
  • Mixed precision training & decoding
  • Model ensemble & averaging
  • Gradient aggregation
  • TensorBoard for visualization


The documentation of PyTorch implementation is avaiable at here.


The source code is dual licensed. Open source licensing is under the BSD-3-Clause, which allows free use for research purposes. For commercial licensing, please email [email protected].


Please cite the following paper:

Zhixing Tan, Jiacheng Zhang, Xuancheng Huang, Gang Chen, Shuo Wang, Maosong Sun, Huanbo Luan, Yang Liu. THUMT: An Open Source Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation. AMTA 2020.

Jiacheng Zhang, Yanzhuo Ding, Shiqi Shen, Yong Cheng, Maosong Sun, Huanbo Luan, Yang Liu. 2017. THUMT: An Open Source Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation. arXiv:1706.06415.

Development Team

Project leaders: Maosong Sun, Yang Liu, Huanbo Luan

Project members:

Theano: Jiacheng Zhang, Yanzhuo Ding, Shiqi Shen, Yong Cheng

TensorFlow: Zhixing Tan, Jiacheng Zhang, Xuancheng Huang, Gang Chen, Shuo Wang, Zonghan Yang

PyTorch: Zhixing Tan, Gang Chen


If you have questions, suggestions and bug reports, please email [email protected].

Derivative Repositories

  • UCE4BT (Improving Back-Translation with Uncertainty-based Confidence Estimation)
  • L2Copy4APE (Learning to Copy for Automatic Post-Editing)
  • Document-Transformer (Improving the Transformer Translation Model with Document-Level Context)
  • PR4NMT (Prior Knowledge Integration for Neural Machine Translation using Posterior Regularization)

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