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Codes for Stylistic Chinese Poetry Generation via Unsupervised Style Disentanglement (EMNLP 2018)

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Stylistic Poetry

Developed by 清华大学人工智能研究院与社会人文计算研究中心. The codes basically come from our paper "Stylistic Chinese Poetry Generation via Unsupervised Style Disentanglement" (EMNLP 2018).

Input files

vocab.pkl: The dictionary of character -> character id.

ivocab.pkl: The dictionary of character id -> character.

texttrain.pkl, textdev.pkl and texttest.pkl: Corpus files for training, validation and testing. Please refer to data/ for details about how to transform the poems into the required format.

Main scripts The implementation of the SPG model. The basis of this model is an LSTM encoder-decoder framework with attention mechanism. The hyper-parameter settings. The interface for training. Just setup the hyperparameters and use the command "python". The interface for testing. Given the first sentence as input, a whole poem with four lines will be generated.


tensorflow-gpu 1.12


If you find this code useful for your research, please kindly cite this paper:

  title={Stylistic Chinese Poetry Generation via Unsupervised Style Disentanglement},
  author={Yang, Cheng and Sun, Maosong and Yi, Xiaoyuan and Li, Wenhao},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the 2018 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing},

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